Not a dream: Flyers win Saturday night shootout vs. Flames

For all the excitement that was the win against the Winnipeg Jets on Thursday night, Saturday's win against the Calgary Flames was even better.

Let's just talk about this real quick: Down 2-0 in the first five-ish minutes of the game, then down 3-0 by the 12 minute mark of the second period, it didn't seem like there was much hope. Ilya Bryzgalov had allowed two really, really, really soft goals, and it was ultra-deflating considering that otherwise, the Flyers had controlled most of the play. A few power plays generated chances and they were basically controlling the play, but found themselves down by three anyway.

It's tough to say exactly what facilitated the blown lead that would come shortly thereafter -- was it that the Flyers kept pressing, or was it that the Flames are apparently awful at holding a lead? I'd like to think it was some mix of the two, but it doesn't matter: Jake Voracek scored with a little more than four minutes left in the second period, and then Braydon Coburn's weird pinball goal in the final minute of the period made it 3-2. Suddenly, it felt like a hockey game again.

The third period was just insane, with the Flyers tying the game on the power play seven minutes in, and then promptly giving that lead right back to Calgary with a penalty shot goal against. ... and then tying the game right back up two minutes later. It was a see-saw that would've been heartbreaking had the Flyers come out of it on the wrong side, and heading into the shootout we probably all thought they would end up on the wrong side of it.

Bryzgalov was utterly huge in the shootout, making certainly his best one-on-one save of the season. He reached for the pokecheck on Alex Tanguay, missed, recovered and stacked the pads. It was then where I actually felt the Flyers could, believe it or not, win the shootout. That they did, thanks to a Matt Read goal to end it. Holy hell, the Flyers won a shootout last night.

It's not like the same problems didn't plague the Flyers last night ... poor goaltending and a number of soft, deflating goals, weak special teams play, etc. But give them credit where it's due for not giving up, and at least they have the offensive firepower to know that they're in any game at any time.

Questions with Answers

  1. The Flames called up a goon (Desbiens) for the game tonight, because you know, they don't realize it's not 1975 anymore. Anything happen there? Of course nothing happened.
  2. For the love of Kate Smith, can the Flyers please score the first goal tonight? Nope.
  3. Bryzgalov was good last time out. More of that? Eh.
  4. Danny Briere needs a goal. Tonight, right? No, but he took eight shots, five of which hit the net.

Comment of the Night

Prediction: This erection will be lasting longer than four hours.

>> Justin F.

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