Leave it to Bobyla - Episode 4

The Black Aces – Other Duties As Assigned

In this postseason episode of "Leave it to Bobyla", Bob and Jody are meeting with Mike (Leighton) to review the duties of the "Black Aces" (players called up as reserves from the Phantoms). In addition to being prepared to play, Black Aces have been called upon to do other tasks such as paint chairs and sell programs. Up to now, Bob and Jody have been fulfilling this role so they are passing these duties on to the Phantom call-ups.

Mike: I see the first item is "Keep Clarkie’s popcorn bucket filled."

Bob: Yes Clarkie mad on Sunday during 3rd period.

Jody: Yeah, that was my fault…I was distracted by all the fights.

Bob: This. True.

Mike: Next is "Buy Diet Coke for Jagr. Keep warm."

Jody: Yes, those Europeans like their soda warm.

Bob: This. True.

Mike: Ok, "G’s grilled cheese and grilled-cheese vodka"?

Jody: Yeah, make sure those chefs at Xfinity Live properly grill his sandwiches to a golden brown.

Bob: I get vodka. No problem.

Mike: "Chex for the Czechs." Ok.

Mike: "Play Station 3"?

Jody: For the next road game. Be sure to package it up and get it on the plane. The rooks like to play soccer.

Bob: Jake too! This. True.

Mike: "Diaper Service"?

Jody: For the Coburns. Pick up the dirty ones and deliver clean ones.

Mike: "Buy hair gel"?

Jody: For Hartsy. He uses Hair Gel by Ginger for gingers.

Mike: "Take cape to cleaners."

Jody: That’s Kimmo’s Finnish God of Defense cape. It got smudged in the last game. But that only happens once in 37 years.

Bob: This. True.

Mike: "Pick up Briere boys from their practices." Does that include G?

Jody: No, Claude moved out. It’s Sean now.

Bob: This. True.

Mike: "Take dog to groomer"?

Jody: That’s Bryz’s Siberian huskie. Which reminds me, the bear signs.

Mike: Bear signs?

Jody: Yeah, make some signs that say "No bears beyond this point" and post them around the WFC about 75 to 100 feet from the stadium. We need new ones because the last ones were in Cyrillic. (smirking at Bob)

Bob: Hey! They kept out Russian bears!

Jody: This. True.

Mike: Are there any special duties for the game Wednesday?

Jody: Why yes, there are. First, pick out a tie for Lavy from Max’s wardrobe. Second, get the Knock Knock shirts ready to distribute. Third, be sure that all the black and orange balloons are blown up and confetti shredded to fill the WFC ‘cause we’re ending this series now!

Mike: Let’s go Flyers!

Bob: Clap! Clap! Clap, Clap, Clap!

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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