Flyers Democracy: Vote for Captain '12-'13

Timonen, Hartnell, Briere celebrate a goal during the 2010 ECSF against Boston.

When the media announced that Chris Pronger would not be able to make a return for the 11-12 season, Flyers fans slowly but surely began to become more and more convinced that Chris would not be making his return next season. With Claude Giroux's playoff performance the best in Flyers history thus far, there is little doubt that Claude is most likely to wear the "C" next season.

I've found myself, however, partaking in countless conversations among friends and coworkers discussing the different captaincy possibilities that present themselves. Though those conversations have dwindled since the start of the playoffs (Giroux being utterly nasty), I still figured "Hey, let's poke this with a poll".

Kimmo Timonen

Ah Kimmo. The man of iron. Former captain of the Nashville Predators. Kimmo has taken a trip to the All Star Game a total of five times. Kimmo is an elder to the young Flyers, provides a strong locker room presence, and is arguably even a future hall of famer. It cannot be questioned that as captain of the Flyers, Kimmo Timonen could do great things. Let's not forget that he has a cool accent and he won the Ashbee award this year. Kimmo is getting old though, and 12-13 is his last season on paper with the Flyers.

Danny Briere

Mr. Playoffs. Mr. Speaker of the House. Who puts out nicer and calmer interviews with the media that our refined Daniel. LIsten to this guy talk next time. No "uhhh's". No "Ya know's". It's really quite enjoyable to hear one of our mindless bully goons speak so lavishly.. An important task for the captain to handle is publicity. Hey, there's more to him than that though. He consistently, year after year, is a huge part of Flyers scoring in the playoffs. He spent a few years as Captain of the Sabres, and at 34, this guy is an experienced veteran. He is known for letting the rookies live at his house, and I'd be willing to bet that his great speech skills transfer to the locker room seamlessly.

Scott Hartnell

Haha, I love Scott Hartnell. He makes us laugh, he makes everybody laugh. He gets the crowd going. He's coming off a career high season. He scored more goals than Giroux! He has cool hair. What's not to love? Common with Briere, Hartnell is great with addressing the media. Scott has been a Flyer for a while now. He has a big old heart, as everybody knows (hartnelldown). Sure, his career high year came a little late, but I plan on watching Hartnell score another 30, maybe 40 goals in 12-13. He has surely earned his spot on that top line. Don't forget to vote for our wildcard either. I want my orange video game.

Claude Giroux

Well, I probably don't have to say too much. The results of this poll will likely favor Claude. And hey, who's to blame? He's the man, probably the greatest hockey player in the NHL. He's like Crosby, but more awesome in every possible way. He has orange hair. Yep.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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