Flyers Playoff Respite = Collective Temporary Insanity

By @austrowley

Fans thought that wait from the final regular season game to the first postseason game seem like an eternity, but at least we all had something too look forward to and we knew our opponent. Who can't get amped for the Battle of Pennsylvania?

Since the Flyers closed out their first round series with the Pittsburgh Penguins, it has been a matter of waiting to see whom they may see in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. There was even a possibility on Sunday that the potential next opponent would be slightly more predictable with the Capitals having the capability of closing out the widely hated Boston Bruins.

But no.

Here we all are, sitting, waiting to find out who in the world the Flyers might play, and more importantly, when they'll play again.

The opportunity presented itself to the Panthers last night, having their chance to close out the New Jersey Devils in Game 6. Since it would be likely at this point that all of the higher seeds were going to win, the Flyers would more than likely faceoff against the New York Rangers, right?


Still five days later, there are no answers. And there will not be any answers until the final horn sounds in the ECQF on Thursday night, where there are two Game 7's to be played.

Naturally, as Flyers fans, we have been struggling to find ways to kill time until our boys finally get to play another game. And as Philadelphians, we have been forced upon our will to watch the bumblin', stumblin' Phillies. Not even the Phillies fans in Phoenix, Arizona could even handle watching that piss poor excuse of a team, for there was a "Let's Go, Flyers" chant, completely audible.

For you Twitter fiends, you all know your fellow Flyers fans are nearly going mad.

Your peers who normally tweet about nothing besides the Orange and Black are basically spitting out nonsense, and you're not even sure if these are the people your originally intended to follow.

Just hang in there kids. In this time off and in this week of anticipation, don't do anything crazy. More than likely, the ECSF will be up and running by the weekend.

Just relax and call a timeout.

Make sure you watch all of the Game 7's in the next two days; root passionately against some of our most hated rivals (i.e. Rags, Bruins). The path to the Stanley Cup does have the possibility of being smoothly paved, like it was in 2010. Who are we kidding, that team wasn't the best. But it doesn't matter. Teams tell themselves "just get in" for a reason. Anything can happen.

That being said, take no opponent for granted. Buffalo pushed us to the brink of elimination last year. If that Buffalo team went up against this Flyer squad, it would be a sweep. Landslide win, TKO.

This team is primed for a Cup; you have four lines that have been pumping out points at will, a nearly unstappable powerplay, and defense/goaltender that is progressively getting healthier and more confident. None of these components even existed last year in the postseason. Bravo Homer.

Feel good about this upcoming series; it was reported by Dave Isaac that the team is loose, and could shoot into the next round looking rested rather than rusty.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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