Bryz vs Fleury in the first round

The following has stat breakdowns of Bryz, if you don't wish to read it then skip ahead to the poll.

Lavi has said Bryzgalov will start the Pitt series. We most likely will not have Home Ice, and Bryz has not started in Consol Energy this season (He goes there the last game of the season)

As we all know, Bryz had a Ok Start of the season aside from a 4 game skid and then hit a horrendous December. He then Flip flopped most of Jan and Feb before breaking out a Flyer's record worthy performance in March

(Longest shutout streak in Flyers history and Second longest ever since 1968)

(11 consecutive starts of 2 goals or less ties Bernie's franchise record)

I also did a comparison of Bryz's first half of the season as compared with Bobrovsky and Niemi

Those were the only goalies I could find scoring chances against per game for. (I tried desperately)

Save percentage is Shots Saved over Shots faced but I wanted to see the goalie's Chance Save Percentage, which is Chances saved over Chances faced

A scoring chance is any non blocked shot taken in area between the two face off dots and the icing line.

Scoring Chances do not take into account clean point shots, but they do take into account impossible deflections. I assumed those would cancel out.

Bryzgalov ---------- SVT = .893 Chance = .835

Bob ------------------ SVT = .921 Chance= .825

Niemi ---------------- SVT = .910 Chance = .805

I know this is a terrible sample size and I am not advocating this as terribly enlightening, but if you see, Bob and Niemi faced a .100 drop in save percentage when counting chances. (This makes sense as there are fewer chances and most of them are better quality shots). Bryz however had a much less drastic drop. Implying to me that he was stopping a good percentage of the high quality chances but was either giving up too many flukey goals or his stats were not being padded with shots as much as other goalies. Take what you will.

I also looked at Bryz save percentage in 1 goal games vs Fleury's

Bryz has a .925 save percentage while Fleury has a .913

In conclusion, I think Bryz's lackluster beginning has hurt his end numbers, I think the fact that the Flyers blocked so many low quality shots but not enough high quality shots hurt his numbers, And I think Fleury faced more shots in general ( about 200 more in only 6 more starts) padded his stats.

And with all that, Bryz has a better SVT in close games, Has been much better in the second half (I didn't do the calculation but few goalies have better save percentage's since the All Star Break), And is only .03 behind Fleury in total Save Percentage despite all of the padding or lack thereof I have mentioned.

BUT this is just my opinion, what's yours?

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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