My off-season checklist.

The Flyers obviously have some thinking to do over the summer. Im going to put on my Homer face and and try to convince you guys about what I feel is the right direction for the flyers. This post will not mention parise, weber, nash or suter for obvious reasons.


Trading Bob is exactly what the flyers need to do. They have a goalie who has been paid a lot of money to be the starter for a very long time, and keeping bob around at almost a 2 million against the cap is not helping us, and most definitely not helping him. Personally, i don't think he has the skills to be a starter in this league, but he is still looked upon as a kid who may have some potential to be a pretty good goalie. Im not sure how many undrafted goalies go on to become number ones in this league. But it doesn't matter, because the flyers have already made their bed with Ilya and they owe it to Bob to get a chance to have a long and prosperous career somewhere.


Carle has definitely taken on the job of being the most polarizing player on the roster, a job being handed down by Jeff Carter or course. Some love him, some hate him. I feel like I'm on the latter more times then not, but I understand that having a young, puck moving defenseman, who block shots and will rack up 30-40 points a season, is crucial. Thats exactly what Carle is. He's obviously dedicated, he wants to be here. If he will stay at the right price, I say pay him.


Im more undecided when it comes to reemer. I honestly have no idea what to think of him. I know we have seen flashes of brilliance, but not many. What really bugs me is his new contract. I know he will be good, but I don't know if he will be 4.25 million good. Having an injury filled season is what really makes his situation so murky. I can't say I wouldn't believe that Homer was getting a little anxious and was going to pull the plug on the JVR experiment, worrying he may never play up to his contract. This summer is his last chance before he takes a big bite of out the flyers cap. I have a hunch if he is moved, its at the deadline.


The word on the street is that talks are positive with Jags. I can say that i would be ok with the thought of giving him at least one more year to see what he's got, and a one year contract is all that he is going to sign. When him and G were at their best on the ice, they were unstoppable. But if a team comes out and offers him something he can't refuse, i think he goes. I say let him walk. He was obviously a different player after the all star break, and i think a lot of that can be blamed on injuries. Still, the flyers have a bunch of hungry young players looking for a spot on the big club, and there is definitely enough UFA's that the flyers can go after without his cap hit.


Give him a new contract. I really like his game, his tenacity. He has some mental lapses here and there and makes you scratch your head. But I see tons of potential in jake. The way he can fly up the middle is not something that many players have in this league. His "giddy up and go" can be down right explosive. I like him.

Supporting Cast

Re-sign: Harry Z, Bourdon, Sestito.

See ya: Kubina, Betts.


This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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