What makes a true fan?

I've been thinking about what it means to be a fan of a sports team for awhile now. Especially when I jump over to BSH to get my fill of what's going on with the Flyers. I read the articles and feel much more knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics and issues regarding the club. BSH is definitely most consoling after a loss or losses. That being said i often feel overwhelmed and distant when certain topics do arise. It's these topics which for what ever reason I feel less compelled to really care about or investigate. It is these topics which make me question whether I am a true fan or just a casual observer.

So I put it to you and perhaps you can let me know.

Salary cap and overall team spending.

Flyers management (economic brainchildren). Volumes have been written on the mismanagement of funds or lack their of. Again- important but something I find rather dull. Perhaps it's all because I suck as much at math as they do. Some writers on BSH are very knowledgeable and even passionate about the teams payroll and subsequent flexibility and future room for movement. So why is it that I don't care so much about this aspect. I feel giddy when the team signs a big name star player in hopes that they can help the club win a championship. The likes of a Parise or even Ryan or Doan I feel would be exciting in the black and orange. Having said that, I am not always happy with the players signed or what is given up. For example I remember back in the day when we went out and got Oates for something like 3 draft picks. He played around a dozen games. Not a good deal. I do like our managements gusto in trying to find that piece to put us in the finals though. Winning is a priority for the Flyers organization and has been since I can remember. They ALWAYS want to win it all and it's that passion that I love.

Again I realize the repercussions in mismanaging money but I just don't get riled up as much.

The one aspect of what I would call mismanagement would have to be with long term contracts and NTC. I really don't understand why a club or any company would restrict itself like this.

Draft picks (the trading of)

Recently The Flyers have been if I can use the term stockpiling loosely- perhaps just keeping them is a better way of putting it, but the use of picks to obtain players has been controversial.This is a tough one. I think it depends of the player we are talking about. The Versteeg deal didn't really pan out ,or we didn't give it time to.I am not against giving away picks for proven talent.I know I'm contradicting myself having spoken about the Oates trade but I suppose I wanna say that trading picks are ok but not for rental players perhaps.

In the end I guess what I am saying is I am supportive of the management team in trying to become better. They will make mistakes but overall I support them regardless of economics. Does this lack of interest in this make me less of a fan.

Lost in the Universe.


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