NEED 2 GMS!!: NHL 13 GM Connected for PS3!

URGENT: Draft order has been determined. For those of you that have not given me your email address, please do so ASAP so that we can get in all the team picks before Tuesday. If it is your turn to pick a team and you do not make the pick in a reasonable amount of time (roughly 6 hours), you will forfeit the pick and be moved to the end of the order. If you have any questions, please let me know. Anyone still interested in joining please continue reading. Thanks!

Hey everyone!

I've noticed a FanPost for an XBOX 360 GM Connected league, but nothing for PS3, so I figured I would get the ball rolling here for a General Managers League for PS3!

Basically, GM Connected is the Be a GM mode that we all love so much, except it is online! You can have about 750 players in any given league, but for the sake of being able to manage this league, we will limit it to 30 users, each controlling one team. You will be able to make trades, play games, sign players, draft players, and do everything else you normally would in Be A GM mode, except your opponents (hopefully) will be 29 other user controlled teams.

Here are a few links to familiarize all of you with GM Connected:

Rules after the jump.

Some general rules for the league:

1) The 30 spots available will be open on a first come, first serve basis until we reach 30 total players. We can try and setup a waiting list for any extra players in case some GMs drop out.

2) Once we have 30 players, or when the season starts, there will be a random draw of names which will determine what order we select our teams that we represent. If we do not have 30 players at that point, any additional players that join will be able to choose any team that has not already been assigned to another player. As of now I am thinking of running a random number generator 1-30, and assigning each random number that comes to each player based on the order you signed up for the league. If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know!

*If two players want to swap teams, you may do so. Including a few draft picks to entice another player to trade isn't necessary, but I don't see someone giving up their team without something extra being offered their way.

3) This is more of a respect issue than a rule: All GMs will have the right to operate their team however they please. So, if you prefer to only be a GM and would rather simulate your games, then that is fine. If you prefer being the GM and manually playing games, that is great, too. The choice is yours and you will not be criticized for any method you choose. Just please be active in the league! :)

I will dive into further detail about the league once I start to see some people interested in joining. If you have any suggestions for how to operate the league, please feel free to comment with that, as well. For now, please comment with your PSN gamer tag and email me at and I will add you to the list!

EDIT: Hey guys! Thanks for all the interest so far! If you know anyone interested in joining the league, I'm sure you already have mentioned it, but please try and get the word out so we can fill it out and figure out teams ASAP!

For now, I'd like to get your input on anything specific you would like to see happen in the league, how you envision it operating, how long each "round" of games should be, etc.

I was thinking we would advance to a new "round" every 5 days or so and every round would cover 2 weeks of the schedule. If my understanding of the concept is correct, that would give everyone 5 days to play/coach all of your team's games on the schedule during the 2 weeks the round represents. It should come out to approximately 6 games per round that each of us needs to play, give or take depending on how busy each team's schedule is on any given week. All games not played would be simulated so that we could advance to the next round. Comment and let me know what you think about this idea!

If everyone is fine with it, could you please comment with your email address so I have a more reliable way of contacting all of you? If you prefer not to disclose your email address publicly, then please send me an email at with your PSN name included. Thanks!

Thanks for your time and thanks for reading!

Below is the official draft order. Draft picks 19-30 are now available on a first come, first serve basis:

1. MCilBB- Growlithe58 (yes)- Vancouver Canucks

2. ThePirate123 (yes)- Pittsburgh Penguins

3. Phillybuckeye12- Phillybuckeye12 (yes)- San Jose Sharks

4. KreiderDesigns- KreiderDesigns (yes)- St. Louis Blues

5. Odebs2797- Odebs2797 (yes) (traded with luciferTUGA)- Philadelphia Flyers

6. jbflyers9710 (yes)- Los Angeles Kings

7. jwsmith2008- jwscws2006 (yes)- Buffalo Sabres

8. gianicle (yes)- New York Rangers

9. Gunslinger82- SJJC147 (yes)- Phoenix Coyotes

10. luciferTUGA- luciferTUGA (yes) (traded with odebs2797)- Chicago Blackhawks

11. The Mad Hopper- goonsquad107 (yes)- Minnesota Wild

12. hebrew hammer- salmonstheat (yes)- Boston Bruins

13. Philly37- TheOneCrossfire (yes)- Tampa Bay Lightning

14. FlyingCanary- Davo2436 (yes)- Detroit Red Wings

15. animalsciences- animalsciences (yes)- Montreal Canadiens

16. UhOhSpaghetiOs – CleverOnlineName (yes)- Edmonton Oilers

17. tomo0421- irishbert (yes)- Washington Capitals

18. The Karl Hungus- red6hoser (yes)- Anaheim Ducks

19. atsekoj- ajk814 (yes)- New York Islanders

20. wesker676- flyersfan676 (yes)- Carolina Hurricanes

21. jMm8_phila (yes)- Dallas Stars

22. stocklin23 (yes)- Winnipeg Jets

23. scozz (yes)- Nashville Predators

24. Hartmanzord- ow1z0rd (yes)- Colorado Avalanche

25. flaniganhannigan (yes)- Calgary Flames

26. flyers00101100 (yes)- Toronto Maple Leafs

27. woodog57 (yes)- Ottawa Senators

28. kryznel00 (yes)- New Jersey Devils

29. polardroog (yes)- Columbus Blue Jackets

30. nhlnyr94 (yes)- Florida Panthers

Waiting list:

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