BSH Audition - Nerds Like Hockey Too

Good evening, I am a licensed psychologist and have been writing an independent blog on role-playing games - think Dungeons & Dragons and videogames like Mass Effect - for the past two years. My site was named RPG Site of the Year and I've had the opportunity to interview some significant figures in that community. You can view my site and writing styles at The Id DM

There are well over 100 posts on my blog, and each column is roughly 2,000 words in length. So, the following links are easier to grasp examples of the type of articles I have written.

First, I have conducted a number of Ego Check Interviews. with prominent members of the RPG community.

Second, some of my writing is shaped by my my background as a psychologist.

Third, breaking things down with data and research instead of just having an opinion and running with it:

Fourth, I teamed with my cousin - a freelance illustrator - to create a series of RPG monsters for use in D&D games:

One of those monsters was based on Tim Tebow (the 2011-2012 version), which demonstrates my enjoyment of sports:

And another monster was named after one of our "heroes."

What does any of this have to do with Flyers Hockey?


But it demonstrates that I can be a reliable writer who is creative in forming ideas and turning those ideas into coherent columns. As for knowledge of hockey, I offer nothing more than the years of fandom and passion I have for this team - and this sport.

I was born in 1976 right after the Flyers won back-to-back Cups; they have not won a Cup since I entered this world. There are many a night when I blame myself for this. While moving across this country - from New Jersey to Minnesota to Iowa to Texas and now back to Minnesota - I have lived with this team every day and every night (thank God for DirecTV and Center Ice). I can detail the journey of my life around seminal events in Flyers' history. Their 3-1 series lead against the Devils that turned into a disaster led to me meeting my wife (long story). Their deep run in 2004 was conflicting with my wedding in June; had they made it to the Finals and played a Game 7, it would have been on my wedding day. I remember this possibility of a conflict between wedding day and Game 7 moreso than some of the details of the reception itself.

So, yes, I'm a fan.

And my blog is a representation of how I can write. I have other professional peer-reviewed publications in psychology journals and books. In terms of what I'd write about for the fine people coming to BSH, I'm open to ideas. A niche I could fill relates to the psychology of fandom and how a connection to a team means "too much." Now living in Minnesota, I could talk about displaced fandom while providing overviews of college hockey (attending a Gopher game is f**king amazing) and the insanity of the Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament. Not to mention winter sports hockey fans might enjoy like Broomball and Curling.

Yup, I belong to a curling club out here, which is a blast.

If any of this seems interesting, then please contact me:

And if not, thanks for your time. Most imporant of all, Let's Go Flyers!

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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