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Hello, writing staff. I must say, I've enjoyed your journalism for the most part these past 2-3 years I've been reading. It's a shame to see anyone leave the site; you're all more than competent at your jobs. My job is being a social worker. I studied English Literature at Temple University and wound up out in Bucks County helping low to moderate income families find affordable housing. I enjoy writing, I intend to buy a Porsche Boxster S in the near future, and I've been watching the Flyers for 5 seasons. Now, I know what you're thinking: Boxsters are going to cost a lot of money to maintain -and I know that- but I feel like I could bring a little something to this site that isn't currently here. Firstly, I can converse with Flyers fans, despite never having lived in the Northeast.

I can tell my non-hockey watching friends what "icing" is.

I am NOT on Twitter, so I won't be talking about "tweets" ever.

I AM on Reddit, so I hope you like cats, memes, and Star Wars!!! (sike)

I'm too smart to not be doing this, despite being to dumb to know everything about it.

My father has, on several occasions, advised me to become a salary cap lawyer. I considered it.

When I was a kid, movies cost $5. So I'm not ancient, I'm probably right in the audience's demographic as a 25 year old.

I don't watch ESPN or any other sport. I watch Flyers Hockey and HBO exclusively... with an occasional Portlandia episode.


I drank beers with Scott Hartnell, Ryan Parent, Dan Carcillo, and Jeff Carter while we watched Chris Pronger and Mike Richards play in the Olympics (that's true).

I served Jeff Carter and Mike Richards ice cream when I worked at The Franklin Fountain. Yes, I wore a bow tie. And yes, my dignity is for sale.

Fighting keeps hockey honest.

Perhaps most importantly, here's a little story about my background in hockey: I was talking with my dad one day about how the Flyers are the "bad boys" of the league, despite the Broad Street Bullies *sign of the cross* being nearly half a century in our past. He asked me "would you have it any other way?". The answer was an obvious "of course not". He nodded. I nodded. We watched hockey.

I would very much relish an opportunity to write about a TOPIC if you had one, to show I can mix at least a casual knowledge of the game with a little bit of humor. Please respond if you would like to see/hear more. I'd also make a serviceable editor, as well.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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