BSH Audition: First 10 Days; Quick Start is Needed

Finally, hockey is officially back! Today, the Flyers kick off with a huge rival/conference game against the Pens. Then they travel to Buffalo tomorrow. Then they have the Devils, Rangers, Panthers, Lightning, and Rangers again. All in the first ten days of the season. So as you can, it's a must for a quick start against four potential playoff contenders.

After these ten days are up, I can see the Flyers going 5-2 and if they go 6-1 that'd be even better. Their only two losses that is a lock, would be the January 20th matchup versus Buffalo, and the January 29th game versus the Rangers.

As long as the new Captain Claude Giroux plays like the league MVP he is, Philly will take down Pitt today easily. You have fired up team, a fired up fan base that will have the Wells Fargo Center rocking like its playoff a game today. After the big win, the Flyers travel to Buffalo tomorrow for another tough contest. It's hard to win two games in two days, espcially if you have to travel for part of it.

Next up, you have the Devils. Expect the Flyers to avenge their playoff loss to them last year in this game with another victory. Then the Rangers travel to the WFC, expect another emotionally charged playoff matchup type atomosphere that puts Philly in the win column.

Then you have the Panthers and Lightning in Florida, win and win. Then Philly travels to the Rangers, I expect NYR to pull this one out in their own building.

For the Flyers to go 5-2, at least, and maybe 6-1, the Flyers will rely heavily on their defense and Bryzgalov. Without Chris Pronger, Coburn and Timonen will need to step up on the blue line. The Philly defense will be missing something they haven't missed in a while now, a strong defender that immitaites everyone when he steps on the ice.

All the "experts" say the Philly D is weak, but thats not how I view it. You have five solid defenders in Coburn, Timonen, Schenn, Foster and Grossman. I'm not sold on Gervais, but their's hope that Meszaros will be back soon, and Gervais can hold it down till then the Flyers are in great shape.

On the offensive side, there really isn't anything to worry about. This is a potent scoring offense with every member on the ice. Once Briere gets back, game over.

Although with the shortend season, a slow start will put the Flyers in a deep hole and vic versa. 5-2 in the first ten days.

A little about myself. I've been an intern sports information director for the past three years. First year at Utica College, then the past two at Moravian College. I write a bunch of the articles found at and previously for

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