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Given the amount of former Flyers, most of whom were at one stage fan favourites amongst many Flyers fans, I wish to contribute to BSH by providing readily accessible information on those players. I love checking in on Upshall, Sharp, Williams, Gagne, Bob, Boosh (even though he is now back) Biron and many others who over my 15 years of supporting this team have been shipped off or not resigned to the O&B.

My article will run weekly and include information on the former Flyers that I follow initially. As time goes by, I will add former players at request and continually report on them on a weekly basis. I imagine this to be done through player polls which will run at the bottom of my weekly column.

So here is a brief preview of my favourite all time Flyer Simon Gagne:

Simon was a 1st round draft pick of the Philadelphia Flyers in 1998. Coming off a successful 1997/98 season which saw the Flyers finish 2nd in the Atlantic Division and were knocked out by Buffalo in the first round in a 5 game series. The Flyers started their offseason selection the QMJHL player with the 22nd overall pick. Gagne would go on to solidify the left side following the departure of Leclair and provide his centres with a true sniper to link up with in the offensive zone. In total Gagne spent 10 seasons with the Flyers and most may recall his many injuries which plagued him throughout including serious concussions which almost derailed his career. Following his career with the Flyers, Gagne spent one season in Tampa Bay and then moved to LA on a 2 year contract. This is where he won his first cup.

Whilst with the Flyers, Gagne posted 259 regular season goals and 32 playoff goals. Whilst with Tampa, Gagne posted 17 regular season goals and 5 post season goals and with Los Angeles he posted 7 regular season goals.

Gagne was fortunate enough to win his first Stanly Cup as a member of the LA Kings. While as hard as it was to watch another team not being the Flyers win a cup, it was still a proud moment knowing a guy like Gagne reached his ultimate goal. Gagne continues to put up solid numbers whilst also missing multiple games through injury. He has never shaken the injury prone tag only playing more than 70 games in a season 6 times in 12+ years. However he still logs top 6 minutes when healthy and can provide much needed scoring from the left side with a deadly accurate shot and a great ability to get into open space.

Gagne may only have a couple of seasons left. At the age of 32 he is on the decline. As a Flyers fan first and a Gagne fan second, I hope he can retire with dignity on his terms and not fall prey to another crushing injury which has plagued a brilliant career.

This is Lockwells from the great land down under signing off.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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