Flyers forwards zone exits (games 1 and 3-21)

So we are a little past the quarter mark of the NHL season, so let's look at some zone exit stats.

First, a quick explanation again of the charts.

The fourth column is the # of exit attempts the player had at even strength. The seventh column (# of successful) counts how many times the player was able to successfully get the puck out of the zone, while column 9 is the # of successful exits that were with possession (carrying and successful passes).

First let's start with the forwards zone exits at even strength

# Name GP # of exit attempts Exit attempts / 60 # Failed # Successful % Successful # w/ Possession % w/ Possession
9 STEVE DOWNIE 8 45 ------------ 6 39 87% 20 45%
10 BRAYDEN SCHENN 21 99 22.53841776 10 89 90% 55 56%
12 MICHAEL RAFFL 11 49 22.59279182 9 40 82% 24 49%
14 SEAN COUTURIER 21 117 24.79864349 19 98 84% 62 53%
15 TYE MCGINN 6 22 20.14652015 3 19 86% 8 36%
17 WAYNE SIMMONDS 21 103 23.75187363 8 95 92% 52 51%
18 ADAM HALL 19 47 23.7854251 2 45 96% 22 47%
19 SCOTT HARTNELL "A" 17 107 28.37318248 20 87 81% 44 41%
24 MATT READ 21 110 23.02459445 10 100 91% 61 56%
25 MAXIME TALBOT 11 37 17.39811912 3 34 92% 24 65%
28 CLAUDE GIROUX "C" 21 121 22.7443609 15 106 88% 58 48%
36 ZAC RINALDO 21 46 19.44209637 9 37 81% 26 57%
37 JAY ROSEHILL 14 27 26.47924158 3 24 89% 14 52%
40 VINCENT LECAVALIER 17 57 16.00449249 5 52 91% 26 46%
45 JAY ROSEHILL 4 6 17.89264414 4 2 33% 1 17%
93 JAKUB VORACEK 21 125 27.22125436 12 113 90% 74 59%
Forward Totals 1118 138 980 88% 571 51%

It's interesting to see where this data confirms our initial idea and where it destroys previous biases. I never would have imagined that the forward who was the most active in the D-zone according to the above metrics would be Scott Hartnell, with 28.3 zone exit attempts per 60 minutes of evens strength ice time.

In terms of successfully exiting the zone, the forwards are in general bunched right around the average of 88% success rate (note that a successful exit is just one that leaves the D-zone). Some of the weaker players in success rate are Hartnell, Couturier, and Michael Raffl.

Meanwhile, the best guys at getting the puck out of the zone successfully are Adam Hall, Vinny, Read, and Simmonds.

Perhaps the more interesting metric is the percentage of a players' exit attempts that exit successfully with possession (% w/ possession). This is where I would imagine that skilled players excel while the grinders 4th liners would struggle.

Among the guys still on the team (I'll get to Talbot later), Voracek performs really well in this metric (59%). He is a highly skilled forward who is able to keep the puck on his or his teammates sticks while exiting the zone. Read and Couturier also look very good by this stat. Again, both are skilled guys who are pretty good with the puck on their sticks. It's also nice to see Coots redeem himself after being one of the worst performers in success rate. Schenn also his doing well at keeping possession (56%). Finally, Zac Rinaldo also has surprisingly done a nice job at keeping possession on zone exits

At the other end of the spectrum. Hartnell is kinda glaring in how bad he is at keeping possession on zone exits. What is perhaps more frustrating is the fact that Hartnell is so involved in getting the puck out of the zone, and yet he does a poor job keeping possession on those zone exits (41% possession rate). Among guys who haven't played much, Rosehill and Mcginn struggled mightily in retaining possession on zone exit attempts.

Finally, this data paints Maxime Talbot in a very positive light. Talbot has always been known as a defensive hockey player, and his performance as a Flyer this season in exiting the zone was great, with 65% of his zone exit attempts being successful and with possession. While I still think the Flyers got the upper hand in the trade, it still is worth mentioning what the Flyers lost in Talbot.

This is a lot of stuff to digest, so I'll post on the defensemen later. Let me know what you think of the data and what it tells us about the Flyers forwards.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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