Advance Statistics, And The Performances of Brayden SChenn and Sean Coustoiruer

The time is over in which we have to relie on just eyeball tests to figure out what players are good and helping team win and which players are bad and hurting team, as well as players that don't have much of an effect on how good or bad the team performs.

Much a mount of effort has been placed into determining Whether or not Sean Cootoureir is better or worse than Brayden Schenn, cause it matters for who is on a better line and who gets more time during games to play.

Looking at the simple stat lines suggest that Brayden Schenn is better than Sean Cootoureir (here in after Sean C):

Brayden: 49 shots on goal, 7 Goals (G), 8 Assists (A) for 15 points

Sean C: 50 shots on goal, 3 goals, 7 Assists for a total of 10 points

So right off of the bat we can tell that Brayden Schenn is probably a better player between teh two in comparison with Sean C. But thanks to advance ments in statistics we can tell more about exactly how much better, and what Brayden Schenn does that Sean C should do a little bit more of to put his name in the same conversation. Here is what I mean:

Time on Ice (or TOI):

Brayden Schenn: 15.5 minutes per game (mpg)

Sean C: 18.8 minutes per game (mpg)

So doing a little bit more math, Brayden Schenn has had 15 points in 329.1 minutes of ice time so far this season. This averages out to one point every 21.93333333333333333333333333(and on and on) minutes). Sean C has had 10 points in 354.9 minutes of time on the ice so far this season. That averages out to one point every 35.49 minutes of time on ice this season. So it takes SEan C about 13-14 more minutes per point to help the flyers compared to SChenn.

Not only that, but now we can know that Brayden Schenn uses his shots more efficiently than does Sean C uses his shots.

Brayden Schenn: 49 shots / 7 goals = 14.3 % shooting percentage you can check my math this is legit

Sean C: 50 shots / 3 goals = 6% shooting percentage

So there's an 8.3% difference in their shooting percentage. My background is in basketball, and I can tell you that 8.3% is a whole lot of difference in looking at players. In the NBA right now that's is the difference between Labron James and Spencer Hawes.

It follows from all this that we can con firm what we already knew about Schenn and Sean C, and add to it that the well documented race to be a better player between the two is not even close. Now for the bigger question:

Are we using these advance statistics to the best of our ability as coaches and managers?

The answer seems to be both yes and no. Another new stat they have is where they count whether or not your shifts start on offense or on defense. This helps to measure how much a coach wants to use you to score in games and how much faith they have in you to score more points. Other players who aren't as good just get thrown into the defensive shifts where there are no goals to be scored. Lets take a look

Brayden Schenn: 53.5% of his starts are on offense

Sean C: 40.1% of his starts are on offense

So in that regard we know that coach is trusting and using more Schenn over SEan C. But the other problem I should mention before I conclude is that Sean C. is still getting 3 minutes more of ice time per game. That has to be dealt with, and upper management should step in if the problem contunues.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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