Flyers vs. Lightning recap: Tom Sestito scores one more goal than Tampa, leads team to win


Tom Sestito, Offensive Dynamo (TS:OD) scored two goals tonight. The Flyers won, 2-1. Crazy things.

Down is up. Up is down. Ilya Bryzgalov is our best player. Rob Zombie had dinner with Bernie Parent. Tom Sestito is a goal scorer. Hockey is happening in the year 2013 and it's weird, wild stuff, man.

Sestito had both Flyers goals -- in just 8:08 of total ice time -- as the team went on to a 2-1 win over the Tampa Bay Lightning on Tuesday night. He used the same move on both goals, a backhand/forehand/five-hole move that fooled Anders Lindback twice, and ... I don't even know anymore.

Bryzgalov likely would've had a shutout tonight if it weren't for a brief Bruno Gervais brain fart in the third period. Bryz was phenomenal yet again and continues to be the Flyers' best player. Doesn't seem like that's ending any time soon.

The Flyers just played a great all-around game tonight, though. They were all over pucks and they gave the Lightning -- who entered the night with the most goals per game in the NHL this season by a wide margin -- no room to work, something that's been a sore point for the defense in recent games.

The Flyers won the overall shot battle by a slim margin, but the biggest difference tonight was a) the tighter defense and b) the penalty kill, which gave Tampa's top-ranked power play no chance to get going.

A few more notes on the win:

* Zac Rinaldo obliterated B.J. Crombeen. I hate seeing Crombeen get injured the way he did -- the look on his face was scary as he skated off the ice, and he didn't return -- but ultimately, the CSN mics showed that Crombeen was the one who challenged Rinaldo. It's part of the game and these guys do it willingly.

* Tye McGinn stood out to me yet again. He had four shots on goal and generally just does positive things on the ice. He doesn't look out of place on a line with Danny Briere and Claude Giroux. It's just impressive stuff.

* Brayden Schenn saw the ice less than anybody not named Sestito or Rinaldo. Safe to say the concern around Schenner is growning.

* Before this season, Vincent Lecavalier hadn't fought since 2009. Now, he's fought against the Flyers twice in a week and a half. I don't know what it is that's getting under his skin, but let's keep it up. He was taken off the ice for five minutes during the second half of the third period because of tonight's fight. Might wanna settle down next time, Vinny.

That was just a super fun hockey game to watch if you're anybody not named B.J. Crombeen. An important win and another building block heading into Thursday's game against the Florida Panthers.

Comment of the Night

LOL - my 7 year old just said "I can't believe Sestito scored, it's just not normal".

>> LVHokej's kid

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