Schenn for JvR was a BAD move

I'm sorry I just can't take it anymore. If everyone else is scared to say it or just says "it's to early to tell", I'll make that call. The JvR for Schenn move was a terrible decision and it only looks worse as each game goes by while JvR is getting goals or assists as Luke Schenn is looking lost on defense or like tonight clearing the puck in to Wayne Simmonds face. (That most likely would have gone out of play for a penalty if Wayne wasn't there based on the trajectory).

Just ask yourself, did you ever think our defense could look so bad this season after getting a so-called "upgrade" in Luke Schenn? Especially while losing JvR for that upgrade.

Going in to this season knowing the huge gap that was in our D because of the questions around Pronger's return, management and fans alike knew something needed to be done to help. After Weber turned down the huge offer the front office's back was against the wall, but to ship one of the best young American hockey players north of the border to Canada in return for a young defenseman that even Leafs fans were not sold on was a bad move and it will continue to hurt us going forward as we don't score enough goals and look lost on D.

This only leads me to believe that his brother Brayden had a hand in it or at least was a big influence. Why else would a Canadian hockey player want to leave one of the most storied franchises in the NHL let alone Canada regardless of the Leafs having there struggles lately or not? And at the same time why would the Leafs be willing to let him go for a straight player swap?

Even a close friend of mine who is from Toronto and a die hard Leafs fan asked me when the deal was first reported "is this JvR guy the real deal? Can he score?". To which I replied not hearing about the deal yet "you're kidding, for who?" . "Schenner" he replied and I was like damn we need him but I don't know if he's worth JvR to which my buddy replied "you can have him, he's not who we thought he was" and that has resonated with me to this day and now makes much more sense.

The old adage goes that the best defense is a good offense, so why we would let a guy go who now has 22 points through 33 games (14 goals & 8 assists) makes absolutely no sense at all to me. We could have signed a veteran in FA and still been just as bad on D if not better all while having less pressure put on the D if we kept JvR to have more scoring threats going forward. I know we expected more from other players up to this point that haven't stepped up but still goals weren't just going to come out of nowhere.

Schenn constantly looks confused on D whether he's out of position or misplaying the puck. Or untimely penalties, he has the 3rd most penalty minutes for our defenseman while only contributing 7 points.

Now nobody is intimidated by our offense and they come out guns blazing against our D and our D looks worse and worse as each games plays out.

It is more about losing JvR then how bad Schenn actually is but they go hand in hand. If we would have lost picks or prospects it would be a different story. I know hindsight is 20/20 but I was against the deal when it happened and I am even more embarrassed now.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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