Worst Flyer in 2013: Individual Power Rankings

Just one guy's opinion. Best Flyer this year ranked down to the worst.

Feel free to disagree. That's what the comments section is for!

(Top Players having very good seasons)
1. Jakub Voracek - Sniper on last year's PP has emerged as the Flyers' best all-around forward in 2013
2. Claude Giroux - Still leads the team in shots despite somewhat down year. Low shot percentage should predict a turnaround.
3. Kimmo Timmonen - Quarterbacking a fairly solid first PP unit. Also unquestionably the team's top D-Man.

(Solid guys with some obvious faults)
4. Wayne Simmonds - Goal-hawking power forward. It's never pretty with Simmonds. But his physicality gets in done in the slot.
5. Ilya Bryzgalov - Has he been great? Not really. Has he been terrible? Not at all. He's been a bright spot, but not a star.
6. Matt Read - Off to a scorching hot start but got hurt and has since cooled. Only one point since the injury.
7. Brayden Schenn - Started slow but has picked it up. Physical hitter who loves to dump and chase. A lot of potential here.
8. Niklas Grossmann - A player I just like. Mostly a defensive D-Man, but a player who does a lot of good things.
9. Zach Rinaldo - Little skill, no goal presence, but a try-hard menace who draws penalties, hits hard and gives it his all.

(Underwhelming, yet still somewhat productive)
10. Sean Couturier - Two-way center whose far more polished on the backcheck. A little underutilized, but potential here.
11. Luke Schenn - Leads league in hits and blocks shots, but provides next to nothing at the blue line.
12. Maxime Talbot - Somewhat underwhelming season, but does good things on the PK.
13. Tye McGinn - Young player with a lot of fire. There's potential here but I don't see the upside of Coots or B.Schenn.
14. Simon Gagne - Midseason addition has a knack for getting pucks on goal, but is obviously a shell of his former self.

(Disappointing or invisible)
15. Danny Briere - Had early wrist injury and now dealing with a concussion. Briere simply never got going in 2013
16. Braydon Coburn - Solid D-Man last year has looked lost without Matt Carle. Turnovers and a dreadful -11 have hurt badly.
17. Scott Hartnell - Missed six weeks with an injury and still doesn't look healthy. We forget how important he was in 2012.
18. Mike Knuble - Old, can't move. Still somewhat of a goal presence, but addition of Gagne has made him a scratch.
19. Kurtis Foster - Just a guy. Wouldn't even be playing if this team had a half-decent group of Defensemen

(All-out terrible)
20. Ruslan Fedotenko - Small, soft, no goal presence, sloppy with the puck, takes dumb penalties. Worst forward on team.
21. Andrej Meszaros - Nowhere near healthy from injury. Can't move at all and is a major liability on defense. Big shot worth it?
22. Bruno Gervais - I can keep a running count of the turnovers, sloppy puck handles and mistakes that Gervais makes in any given game. The fact that he's been a fixture in the Flyers lineup this season tells you everything you need to know about the 2013 Philadelphia Flyers.

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