Assigning Grades to Every Flyers Player in 2013

Since the 2013 Flyers campaign is practically over, we should look at how each skater has been doing so far. Hopefully this team can at least scrape out a couple wins in the final 15 games.


Claude Giroux: Has been playing some good hockey this year. Seems to be one of the only guys who still gives a shit about winning games. Hasn't had the flashiest numbers, but has been consistent and gotten the job done. He has been a decent captain so far. Grade: B+

Scott Hartnell: Plays well when the games don't matter. The injury slowed him down considerably, but is still capaple of scoring goals. Has committed stupid penalties, and probably shouldn't be on the first line with Giroux anymore. Grade: C

Jake Voracek: A pure goal-scorer. Has really come into his own. Hasn't done much recently, and could benefit from being on a line with a good passer like Gagne or Knuble (or Jagr?). Anyway, I'm pleased with his play. Grade: A-

Danny Breire: Maddenigly inconsistent. Disappears during games, and gives little on defense. Still shows signs of his former, offensive-master self, but has been a major disappointment this season. Grade: D

Brayden Schenn: Good so far this season. Hasn't done much wrong, but at the same time hasn't done much great, either. I like him being on the same line as Simmonds. Grade: B-

Wayne Simmonds: A rebound-hawk who gives a lot offensively. Physical, and does not back down during fights. Embodies Flyers hockey in its purest sense. Would be better with a hard-shooting defenseman who can make rebounds on slapshots. Grade: A

Simon Gagne: Happy to see Gags back in orange and black. Puts the puck on net, and sets up others to score. While a shadow of his former self, still gives the Flyers an experienced, tough, and skilled skater. Grade: B+

Sean Couterier: A younger Giroux. Has been great on both ends of the ice. Should be getting more ice time. Consistent and committed so far this season. Grade: B

Matt Read: After a great start, his production has fallen considerably. The injury seems to have slowed him down. Could be used as trade bait during the offseason. Grade: C

Zac Rinaldo: Isnt great at anything, but has a huge heart. Gives 110% all the time, and never gives up. Has settled down from his wild-child ways of earlier this season, and has become a tool for the Flyers. Grade: B+

Tye McGinn: Has proven to be a great young player. Much like Couterier, is good all around. Gives his all. Hasn't done much this season, but is a good future piece. Grade: B

Mike Knuble: Even at 40 years old, still has some gas left in him. Doesn't play all the time, but he handles the puck well and can still set up/score goals. Still, is slow and not very agile. Grade: C+

Ruslan Fedontenko: Gives little offensively. Is a good penalty killer, but is just a 4th-line guy. Good on defense this season, though. Grade: D+

Max Talbot: I like the guy. Puts in a lot of effort. Has done pretty good so far this season. May not be as productive offensively as earlier seasons, but still does well on defense and is great on penalty kills. Grade: B


Kimmo Timmonen: Has been perhaps the most consistent player on defense. Gives up his body to block shots, and has a good slapshot. His age may be catching up to him, but he is still a good allaround player. Grade: A-

Braydon Coburn: Is a workhorse. Good on both sides of the ice. Speedy, but physical. Underrated skater and passer. Has good awareness and smarts, but can sometimes commit some stupid penalites. Grade: B

Luke Schenn: Has been very good so far this season (I'd take him over JVR). Takes good care of the puck, and is good at creating chances on offense. May not be the best defenseman on the team, but he can still play some good hockey. Grade: B

Nicklas Grossmann: A burly bruiser. Has proven is worth as a shot-blocker. Slow, but is good on defense. Doesn't give much on offense, yet is still a consistent player. Grade: B+

Bruno Gervais: Perhaps one of the worst players on the team. Does not do much on either side of the ice. His only real good quality is his speed. Commits bad turnovers. Grade: F

Kurtis Foster: Just a guy. Sat out a lot of the season, but injuries have forced him to play. Has a good slapshot, but is slow and not agile. Nothin horribl, but nothing great either. Grade: D

Andrej Mezaros: Its hard to judge a guy who's been injured the majority of the season, but when Mezaros did play, he was not that great. Made bad mistakes, and didn't do much offensively. Should be either traded or released. Grade: D-


Ilya Bryzgalov: Playing some good hockey. Is getting smarter, and more consistent than last year. If he had a good defense around him, he would be great. Needs to work on getting the puck to his players and blocking shots on 1-on-1 situations. Grade: A-

Brian Boucher/Michael Leighton: These two are interchangeable. They aren't great, but are at least decent backups. They won't push Bryz for the starting job. Grade: C-

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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