Please someone give me some reason to hope

According to my personal opinion, I think the Flyer's problems run much much deeper than injuries and the short season. We have a coach who doesn't play good players for apparently no reason, overworks his goaltender because he loves the hot hand, and refuses to change his system of play even when faced with a team that consistently beats us. We have a forward core that is maddeningly streaky. Aside from Giroux, Read, Rindaldo, and Voracek, I don't see a single forward that is consistently good game to game. I would count Coots but since Lavi is retarded and plays him less than 10 minutes a game he doesn't count as much. Our offense will not break through good teams defense unless they decide to play a terrible game. And if the team has even a competent forecheck I feel our only hope is on the powerplay. I mean seriously we must be one of the worst 5 on 5 teams in the league. When you come to our makeshift defense it is just gross to watch. We do have Kimmo (Who we only have for one more year). But that is our only number 1/2 defenseman. Schenn is good and I have hope for him but right now he is far from a number 1 Defenseman. Grossman and Coburn are sufficient but not good enough to carry this team. We have too many players to count that are simply dead cap weight. (Hartnell, Briere, Mez, Bryz)

Bryz has done an admirable job in front of this team. But at some point you need to stop making excuses and a save percentage of .904 in the past 2 seasons is simply not a good enough. Plus that contract is just disgusting. But the best part is that even if we wanted to Buy him out, we would replace him with either Steve Mason or a rushed Anthony Stolartz.

But the state of our team is not the only terrifying thing to me. It is that I don't see how we can fix it without blowing up the team. Seriously.

Lets say we free up some Cap Space by buying out Bryz and/or Briere and or Mez and or Hartnell.

Forward UFA under 30 who would be worth signing (in my opinion):

Penner, Weiss, Roy, Kyle Wellwood None of those guys are going to change this team around.

The defense UFA are even worse and I don't see a single viable candidate that would be worth signing that I think there current team won't resign.

So how can we make our team substantially better than it is now (Which it needs to get in order for us to have a hope at a deep playoff run) ? Hell maybe even at a playoff appearance.

I personally don't see the UFA market as a source of hope, the RFA market is highly unlikely and would come at a huge cost, and as Kurt already described in a previous post- -training draft picks is a long process and might not even work.

So please someone explain to me why I should have any hope what so ever for the next 2 seasons?

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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