Say no to Streit, say yes to Josi

(Side note: I wrote this fanpost last week when the first article on Streit appeared on BSH, but waited to post it. Ironically, on monday (june 10), when I wanted to post it, the Preds announced the extension to Josi. So I had to change the last paragraph from ‚offersheet him, haha’ to ‚trade someone for him’...and murphy’s law continues: today, the streit trade rights is published...)

As a long time Flyers fan from Switzerland, I feel the need to post this article. I have been enjoying reading BSH articles and especially comments for years (and I get impressed up to this day by the knowledge of some guys on here), and I never had the urge to post or comment myself. That is until I kept hearing the talks about Streit playing for Philly...

I have seen Streit play since back in Switzerland, his strengths are known. Streit would be a good addition on the power play and would bring some offensive input to the game. But Streit also comes with a hefty pricetag and an age that is not helping the Flyers. In addition to him being subpar in the own zone, and generally being on decline, I am convinced he can’t help us. We need a younger, faster, more responsible, stronger defender.

Roman Josi is also from Switzerland. He is the younger, faster, more responsible version of Mark Streit. He has more upside, and even if he is similar in size, Josi plays a lot bigger than Streit. He can direct a power play, drive play on 5 vs 5, rack up a lot of minutes. (No, not just because he plays alongside Weber.) Josi, 23 years old, showed his potential at the world championship where he won the MVP Award (10 Games, 4G 5A). Even if it’s ‚just’ the world championship, consider that there still was a lot of great players there (Giroux, Stamkos, etc...). Josi was the main reason the Swiss made it to the finals.

  1. Cap
    Josi’s cap hit would be a lot more comfortable than what we would have to pay for an aging (and slightly overrated) Streit.
  1. Age / Upside
    Streit is a worse version of Kimmo, with similar amount of years left (if he’s lucky maybe 3-4...). Josi is 23 and could turn into a anchor for years to come. I think he will be hitting his prime in.... i’d say about 3-4 years...just when all are forwards should be.
  1. What he brings
    Streit brings defensive weaknesses, an old body and inflated stats. Josi brings a responsible game with strong offensive puckmoving ability. Streit is in decline while Josi has a lot of upside. Both can quarterback a power play about equal.

Josi goes for 2.5/3.0/4.0/4.25/ Mio/yr over the next four years. Damnit Predators. From the timing concerning our other players, to our needs, to the caphit, it would all make sense. How to get him? I guess we’d have to give up some Offense...but looking at their offense, they might at least listen to Homer...maybe Rosehill?

Bottom line: Say yes to Josi! And if not, say at least no to Streit!

And keep Bryz for another year. And buy out Brière. And try to trade Meszaros for a beer.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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