Can everybody just relax?

It seems that everybody's initial reaction to the Streit signing is panic and I am here to tell you to relax.

The reported money and years is 4 years for a total of 21 million or 5.25 per year. That might seem high at face value, but lets remember, that Kimmo is signed for 6 mill at the age of 38. Sergei Gonchar got a 2 year 10 million deal at the age of 39.

The following season his cap hit really wont be problem because there was nobody better on the open market and you cant rely on signing other teams RFAs, but everybody seems to think we will have problems signing our young stars next off season.

The following is all looking at the 14-15 season because after that it begins to become to messy and so much can happen (but in general it looks better in the future because as it stands right now it seems the cap will begin to grow after the 14-15 season)

If we look over at, we can see that the Flyers got around 18.5 mill in salary cap space for the year 14-15 before taken into account buyouts and Streit's new contract. If we amnesty Briere and Bryz and add in Streit's 5.25 we get a total cap space of around 25.5 million.

Here is the problem that most people are looking at, they see that we need to extend Giroux, Schenn, Couturier, Read and some minor players.

The first albatross is Giroux, I think it is safe to assume he will get north of 8 million, how north is hard to predict, but lets go with 8.5 million. That leaves us with 17 million. The next is guessing what Schenn and Couturier will be worth, but my guess is somewhere between 3.5 and 4 million, so lets just put em both at 3.75? That leaves us with 9.5 million to sign Read, 1 forward, 3 dmen and 2 goalies.

The 1 forward is most likely one between Tye McGinn, Akesson etc, so he should be fairly cheap. The 3 dmen hopefully include Gus+2 other prospects and the 2 goalies will most likely be Steve Mason+some scrap. Im estimating that the one forward+the 3 dmen will cost around 3.5 mill total if it is draft picks. Steve Mason+backup will properly cost around 4.5 million for a total of 8 million amongst those 6 players.

This leaves us only 1.5 mill to sign Read and that is not doable, but everybody knows that we already before the Streit signing would have a hard time signing Read because of the 3 other major RFAs. Also remember all this is with Pronger on the books, so during the season we would actually be able to sign a player to a 5.5 contract if we need it.

The WORST part of this deal is not that we wont be able to sign Read because we most likely wouldnt anyway, but rather the age of Streit and the fear that he might go down with freak injury like Pronger..

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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