An outsiders perspective: possible defensive pairings

Greetings from the guy from Germany ;-)

I just looked over our entire D on again and wondered how the pairings might look if the season started today.
I will asume that Gus gets resigned and that Pronger will be back on LTIR.

So that means we have nine guys:
Timmonen (6Mio)
Streit (5,20Mio)
Coburn (4,5Mio)
Meszaros (4Mio)
L.Schenn (3,6Mio)
Grossmann (3,5Mio)
Gervais (825k)
Bourdon (612k)
Gustafsson (RFA)

to fill the six spots.

so what could the combinations be?
on first view I'd say

Timmonen - L. Schenn
Coburn - Streit
Meszaros - Grossmann

PP 1
Timmonen - Voracek (it worked just to good to get split up)
Meszaros - Streit

Coburn - Grossmann
Timmonen - L.Schenn

Get Gus in there anytime someone gets injured (which may be a major concern with both Mesz and Grossmann) and give him a little more time to develop. He should take Kimmos rosterspot in the top 6 next year.
I like Bourdon but with so much competition I don't think he will be with the big club this season.
Gervais can fill that 8th D-man roll that last season proved to be necessary.
I would say this is actually a decent enough D, but it is mindblowingly expensive obviously (abour 22,8Mio).
So what could be changed around?
IF Meszaros gets traded (which I think is highly unlikely due to numerous reasons expressed here before) Gus can fill his role perferctly where I've put Mesz.
Gervais move 1 up in the depth chart and Bourdon could be an emergency call up.
If Homer and (wether he has a say in this or not I'm not sure) Lavy feel, that Gus deserves to be a fulltime NHLer and want to clear a spot for him and get some more capspace for the F and Gs that we badly need, that could opt to waive Mesz, which would get him of the books much more likely than finding a tradepartner for him.

All in all I have to admit, that I like what we have at the back end right now (execpt for the pricetag), which I can not say about the F-group (which I will be writing about later or tomorrow, it's already evening here in Germany).

So see you then and feel free to comment and rip my pairings apart =)

(but remember I live waaaaaaaay out of town and can't whatch a whole lot of games in full lenght because it's usally around 2 a.m. where I live when the games start, and I sometimes have to work the next morning.)

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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