An outsiders perspective: Analysing the Forward situation

Hello again from Bottrop, Germany.

Today I want to take a look at what he have in terms of forwards and who is avaiable and could fill a need.

Let's start with the guys we have, their Capnumber and the rolls they can play:

Hartnell (4,75Mio) -> top 6 Scoring - Winger, Powerforward, PP1 (in front of the net)
Voracek (4,25Mio) -> top 6 Playmaking - Winger , PP1 (Point man // Playmaker on the wing)
Simmonds (3,975Mio) -> top 9 F, Scoring-Winger, Powerforward, Agitator, PP1/PP2 (in front of the net)
Giroux (3,75Mio) -> #1 Center (Playmaker), PP1 (Playmaker), PK2
B.Schenn (3,1Mio) -> top 6 Winger/Center, PP2 (Wing)
Talbot (1,75Mio) -> Bottom 6 Winger/Center, PK1
Couturier (1,375Mio) -> #3 Center, PK1, PP2 (Center)?
Laughton (1,1Mio) -> unproven Prospect, potential #2/#3 Center going forward
Akeson (900k) -> unproven Prospect, potential scoring winger going forward
Read (900k) -> can basicly play any roll you ask him to, from 1st line winger to 4th line center, PK2
T. McGinn (775k) -> tough guy who can play hockey, can be moved around the line-up
Rinaldo (750k) -> 4th line Winger/Center (hasn't played center as far as I know but has learned it), agitaor, fighter
Rosshill (675k) -> fighter, bug guy

So trying to put these guys in line leaves me with that:

Read - Giroux - Voracek
Hartnell - Schenn - Simmonds
Talbot - Couturier - Akeson
McGinn - Laughton - Rinaldo


I can't tell that I would feel comfortable going into the season with that.
I think Schenn is not ready to be a center (G spend time on the wing and it didn't do him any harm),
Akeson, Laughton and McGinn all looked good playing for the big club but are still very young and rushing them to the NHL might not be the best idea. Especially in Laughtons case I would rather not ask him to center the fourth line straight out of juniors.

So who is avaialbe as a UFA?
fulllist provided by
Some very intruguing names on that list. Led (in my opinion) by:

Tyler Bozak (27). It of course is a stretch to believe that the Leaves are not trying to resign him, but who knows? With Kadris season they could feel he is the #1 C going forward. Bozak would slide into that 2nd line center roll absolutly perfect. Giving Brayden more time to develop and creating a very good second line of
Hartnell - Bozak - Schenn. While Simmonds plays 3rd with Talbot and Cooter, which would create a very tough line to play against that has some offense in it. Also Bozak comes of a contract that payed him 1,5Mio a year so it should not be impossible to get him for 3Mio or less.

So who else is on the list?
Mike Ribeiro (33) would fill the same roll as Bozak, but would demand a lot more money which we just couldn't spend giving the cap and that we currently have only one Goaltender.

Derek Roy (30) is another of those candidates to be #2 Center, but may also demand to much money.

Patrick Elias (37) could be an option for a one year deal, but I'm not sure wether I'd like it or not.

But let's look at a position I feel most uncomfortable going into the season:
4th line center:

Boyd Gordon (29) is my frontrunner here. He may not light the lamp that often (but his 14points in 48 games are not that bad either), but this man is a face-off-winning-machine.

Maxime Lapierre (28) would be another option here as well as our own Adam Hall (32) or Jeff Halpern (37).

So let's look at the wingers next:

Jaromir Jagr (41) would be nice to have back, but with his demands in payment, I don't see it happening. Also I don't think he can hold his level over a 82games season.

Michael Ryder (33) is a solid scoring right wing, who could give the 3rd line some extra offensive punch or trade that place with Simmer to create a scoring 2nd line and a nice third line as mentioned above.

Cupwinners Viktor Stahlberg and Bryan Bickell (both 27) would be nice additions of grit with scoring ability but are most likey going to resign with CHI.

Simon Gagne (33) would obviously be great to have back but the cost would have to be right, given that he is no top 6 guy anymore and is likely to miss around 20 to 30 games.

Ryan Clowe (30) was discussed here intensly before and than did well in NY. When you don't have to give up anything for him he may be worth a shot.

Nathan Horton seems interesseting as well but I doubt that the B's are letting him go (of course there always is the posibility that he doesn't like what they offer, but in that case I doubt you'd get him for what he is worth).

I guess I have to mention Pascal Dupuis (34), Jerome Iginla (35) and Brenden Morrow (34), but when you throw away your franchises future for two aging Stars who are impendig UFAs it seems hard to sell to your fans (all 5 of them :P) not to resign them. And Dupuis has shwon to good a chemestry with Cindy to be out I guess. Also I don't want any of these players.

So realisticly whats possible?
I'd say Bozak and Gordon could be fitted under the cap (of course depending on how much the goalie will cost and barring any trades)

So what do you think?

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