DG or anyone else, Please help answer some CBA questions that could affect the Flyers?

The complete CBA has finally come out

For those who havent read the complete document, It can be downloaded here

If you are one of the few who can understand it, please help someone like me who can not fully grasp its full ramifications.

Here are some hypothetical situations that could occure

Please note: The players used in the hypothetical examples do not reflect my opinion of their character or personality. They are simply in situations that are easy for me to use as examples

Unfortunately Mike Richards recently got hurt. Thankfully he feels better and played in game 7.

To pose my questions, lets say he gets hit in the head again, and this time doesn't feel better. He decides it's best to call it quits, and retires next year.

(Lets say he isn't interested in being on LTIR for the next decade)

...Then Jeff Carter thinks to himself, the game simply isn't the same without Richards on the team. So he decides to retire.

Since the Flyers created the long term contracts

1) Are the Flyers penalized for the any, some, or all of the cap hit penalties?

2) Does the Louongo Rule go into effect even if an injury forces an early retirement?

Next Senario Danny Briere only has two years left on a contract where he has been paid most of his earning due to the front-loading structure of his deal.

He has stated he doesn't want to move his kids and want to stay in Philly.

3) Hypothetically, could he threaten to retire as an attempt to prevent a possible buyout?

4) Could he or any player, actually retire moments before a buyout occurs?

Similarly, Louongo could use the threat of retierment in order to force Vancouver into either a) Immediately trading Cory Schneider or Immediately tradeing Louongo to the team of his choosing regardless of what they get back in return.

Again, I am not saying he would.

But my question is, dose the CBA have anything the team do anything to prevent him or any player from doing it?

Last Hypothetical situation

Lets say Byzgalov plays well for the next two years and doesn't become one of the contract buyouts. However, he does become sick and tired of the Philly media. So he decides to retire.

The Flyers are hit with the cap penalty

However, two seasons later Byzgalov decides to come back.

5) Would the Flyers get any or all of the extra cap space penalty back?

6) Would the Flyers have to add the two years he didn't play, back onto his contract?

7) If the Flyers didn't welcome him back, would he then be allowed to play in the KHL?

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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