Proper tone on BSH

Hello all

As most of you know, the Fly-Bys have been going to all kind of hell the last week or so and I really think that it is becoming a really big problem. This following post is NOT directed at any single person, but is meant for us all.

While it would be easy for some to say that, I can just skip through it (and I do), not everybody is wired that way and then the avalanche of problems begin. Some might also say it is a job for the mastheads to make sure to delete such content, but the people who start the discussion and people who engage in it is also a part of the problem, even me who just ignore it instead of maybe flagging an inappropriate comment share some of the blame.

This leads me to the BSH community guidelines

Under here I have quoted the 4 most important guidelines, regarding the type of discussions we have seen lately:

  1. Personal attacks on community members, directly or through sarcasm/belittling, e.g., "You're an idiot", "You don't know what you’re talking about, moron","Apparently, you've never seen a hockey game, or you'd know?", "My Chihuahua knows more about hockey than you do", etc.
  2. Comments that are intolerant or prejudiced (sexist, racist, homophobic, etc.) in nature, e.g., "Why don't you go play with your dolls?", "The Flyers shouldn’t sign black players", "Doesn't Briere look like a fag?", etc.
  3. Harassing/Baiting of users, e.g., "The Flyers will never win this game" posted 10 times in 3 minutes, etc.
  4. Comments that bring politics into BSH (which is a non-political blog), e.g.,"Obama/Bush/Clinton ruined this country by", "Check out this link about the war in Iraq," etc. That said, you may occasionally see a political advertisement on BSH. Running such ads does not imply an endorsement of the candidate or views expressed in the ad, just as any such ad on a television station or network or in a newspaper does not imply endorsement by such an entity. Editorial and advertising at BSH are separate, and we do not have control over advertising.

So my plea is that next time you see a post violating one those 4 guidelines, use the flag button and DO NOT engage in any discussion because if you do not reply and instead flag, you will do two good things for your self:

1) You will not become miserable or angry for having this discussion and you might not say something stupid you will later regret.

2) By just flagging this person instead of replying, the person will not get any feedback and instead might receive a suspension and that way will the person hopefully either stop posting or stop posting comments that violate the guidelines.

I do know that sometimes a mistake can happen, like Brifly's supposed link to Giroux's check on Crosby, but because of some internet weirdness showed Crosby in a girls wig.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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