Are the Flyers targeting the wrong Predator?

Newsflash: The Flyers need help with their Defense. Now. ASAP. I shudder to think where they would be without the heroics of Steve Mason.

Another newsflash: The Flyers have an abundance of Natural Centers. Giroux, Coots, B.Schenn, Lecavalier, Hall, and even an up and coming Scott Laughton. All of them, outside of Hall, don't belong on the 4th line. This makes natural Centers play in awkward positions....I'm speaking about you Vinny.

Much has been made about the Shea Weber deal (Miss you Shea) and it seems more is about to come as rumors are (once again) swirling about The Flyers making a potential run at him. The Flyers and Shea have a bit of a history. I won't go into it here because know....Let's just say Weber is a very rich man because of the Flyers. Very Rich.

Not that I can blame Holmgren for giving Weber that contract. Weber is pretty much exactly what the Flyers need. He does everything well and is a cornerstone franchise D-Man.

I think that ship has sailed. Gone. Buh bye. Sayonora. That contract is too rich for the Flyers' blood and Nashville will ask for half of the Flyers' roster in return...But there is another Predator the Flyers could target who comes with a much smaller price tag and Superstar potential:

Seth Jones.

A shocking 4th overall pick, Jones has had quite the rookie season and is only getting better. Is he on Weber's level? No. CAN he be on Weber's level in a few years? YES. Even now He'd be instantly put on the Flyers' top 4 without hesitation.

But how much would he cost? It's a tough one. It's safe to say Holmgren and Poile's relationship isn't on the best of terms because of the Weber fiasco. The Flyers may have to bite the bullet a bit but I think it's worth it.

I'm thinking the packaging the Schenns would do it. In Brayden, Nashville would get a 2nd line Center who would instantly be top 4 in scoring for them and in Luke, they get a potential top 4 D-Man that would take a bit of the sting off of losing Jones on the Blue line.

This move would benefit the Flyers in other ways. They finally get a potential stud D Man, open up a 2nd line Center spot (Probably for Lecavalier) and make room for an incoming Scott Laughton next season.

Thanks for reading. Go Flyers.

Got any thoughts? Post em' below.

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