Grading the Players in This Series

First off, I'm pretty drunk so don't judge too harshly. This is all based off the eye test too, so imagine we're back to when I was a toddler and fancy stats didn't exist. I'm basically a 19 year old Don Cherry (GOD NO) right now. This grades each player specifically on the time they spent with each line.


1st line:

Giroux: He looked solid defensively, especially in faceoffs, got better as the series went on, but was invisible for the first half. He gets a B+.

Voracek: Looked great all series. I think his speed brings a lot to the line, not to mention his playmaking ability and chemistry with G. He gets an A.

Hartnell: He sucked on the first line this series. Rick goddamn Tocchet agreed. See my full thoughts on him here C-.

Raffl: Looked good on the forecheck, but didn't really generate anything and missed a few chances. He was basically average. If he develops into more of a scorer he could really contribute on this line, but he is 25 so my hope is limited. B.

2nd Line:

Simmonds: He was phenomenal in game 6 and on the empty net in game 2, but nearly invisible the rest of the series. His play on even strength left much to be desired. B+, boosted a lot based on game 6.

B. Schenn: Had a few good plays, had a few bad ones. An average at best series. B.

Lecavalier: Sucked. His contract makes me angry. F+.

Hartnell: He looked relatively good on this line, still had some dumb turnovers, but again its is Scott Hartnell so its a given. B.

Raffl: For the small parts he was put on this line he and the line looked very good. B+.

3rd Line (My mancrush line, so be prepared for bias):

Read: He was pretty damn good. Looked good on the PK too. I like him with Coots and Akeson and I could see that line being together for years to come. A-.

Coots: He looked great the early in any situation, struggled later on. His work on the PK was incredible throughout, and it boosts him a lot. Berube also thought enough of him to give him some PP time. As said before, I REALLY like this line. A Overall, B+ 5 on 5, A+ for PK.

Akeson: He has now played over 3/4 of his NHL career in the playoffs and I really liked him. My only regret is that my car blew up going to the last game this season and got there w 10 minutes left in the 1st bc I had to fix it and missed his first NHL assist. He handled the pressure well and I could see him fitting in on any line, but I like the extra offense he brings to this one. A+ because it was his 3rd-9th ever NHL games

4th Line:

Rinaldo: He does what he does, hit people. Took a penalty in game 7 but it didn't cost them, thankfully. He brings nothing to an NHL club except "heart," "grit," and penalties. I did see him score in person against Buffalo, then decapitate someone so that game left me neutral on him. Let McGinn go to the 4th line if you need someone there. D.

Hall: I have a mini love affair with Hall. He looked great on the PK and faceoffs. He's your prototypical grinder and I would like to see him for one more year at $600k. He met his expectations. A.

Lecavalier: If he is on this line it says something. F.

Raffl: He made this line effective, only he brought that to this line. A.

Defense (This is going to be by purely individual merit since Grossman's injury messed up the pairings):

Coburn: I thought he looked good early on in the series, but he looked awful as it went on. He had a lot of bad turnovers early in game 7 and got his shit together as time went on, but still not a good game from him. C-.

Timonen: He was consistent, no super big turnovers, and a lot of time on the PP. He didn't seem to be a big of a part on the PP as he normally is, but that might be bc the Rangers clog the middle and shots wouldn't get through. Anyways, he looked like you expect him too and if this is the last time he plays for the Flyers, it has been a pleasure and you're going into the Desjardins category for me personally. B+.

Grossman: He looked like he was supposed to before he got hurt- which is completely unnoticeable. No big plays, no big turnovers, just consistent defensive play. Filled his role well. A-.

Streit: He looked pretty good, but you expect more of him, especially for his salary. Didn't do much on offense and he needs to for the Flyers to be successful going forwards. B.

L. Schenn: He looked GOOD this series. He seemed like the number one defenseman at times, if he can replicate that play consistently he will be worth JVR, but I really doubt that he will. He was very good for his expectations this series, and he chipped in a goal. A.

MacDonald: He sucks. His contract makes his contributions an F-.

Gill: What can you really expect from him? D.

Gus: I've been a big #FreeGus guy for the past few years and I liked what he brought. B.


Mason: Phenomenal. If he plays like this going forwards the Flyers have solved their goaltending problems, but we will see. I really think the Flyers win if he plays every game. A+

Emery: He was good in Mason's absence and he stole game 2. He did very well before game 3. B+.


I liked the youth the Flyers have on offense, but goddamn it the defense sucked. At least the goaltending was a strength this year. I have faith in the Flyers in 2 or 3 years but the defense makes me skeptical.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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