Scoring Chances: Round 1 In Review

Series Summary:

5v5 play was the Flyers ultimate demise, as you might expect with the 23rd ranked possession team in the league. The Rangers simply dominated the Flyers at even strength, and specials teams was a wash.

Forwards(Even Strength):

I've ranked the Flyers forwards by Chance Differential Per 20 Minutes. This should give us an accurate representation of who drove positive on-ice results relative to the rest of the team. Giroux was unequivocally not the problem in this series. Jake, Giroux, and Raffl were the most effective forward combination for the Flyers at generating offensive pressure. There are however, some hard questions to ask about the performance of Sean Couturier. Yes he gets tough usage, but that's because he's supposed to be effective at limiting the opposition in those minutes. Instead the Flyers shut-down line bled chances against all series long.

There was a broader, team-wide failure to develop and sustain offensive pressure. You can't win games, or expect to go far in the playoffs if 3/4ths of your team is barely registering a handful chances per game.

Defense(Even Strength):

Once again these players are ranked by CHDIF/20. One of the biggest surprises in this series was that the Coburn/Kimmo pairing failed to effectively drive on ice results. The normally stalwart first pair got hammered along with the Sean Couturier line. The question to ask is why? My hunch is that Timonen simply broke down with over-use late in the season, and went into this series with nagging injuries. Both Coburn and the freshly signed Andrew MacDonald were atrocious at preventing chances

My Take:

The Flyers waited far too long to deploy their best 5v5 line up. (Dropping Vinny, Dressing Gus, Moving Waffles Up). That in concert with their already notable weaknesses at even strength combined to form the perfect storm of Rangers dominance at even strength. Despite clearly being the inferior team, the Flyers got enough out of their Giroux's line and the powerplay to potentially upset the Rangers. Alas, it wasn't meant to be.


Its the playoffs, a small 7 game sample, and you should consider regular season results over a much larger sample before jumping to conclusions about individual players.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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