Is Getting a Top Defenseman What You Really Want?

Everyone and their brother seems to think that the Flyers need to go get a number one defenseman. A top left winger would be nice but the d-man is the top priority. Of course, we'll just give up a few mediocre guys that we don't really like anyway and that will be that. Step right up rival GMs and hand over your top guy.

This is not even close to realistic. Getting a top defenseman from another team is nearly impossible. The other team knows what they have. They would need a king's ransom to give him up.

Some of the proposed trades from fans and even media are somewhat ridiculous. Shea Webber for both Schenns and a pick. Why would Nashville agree to that? Would you agree to take both Schenns and a pick for Giroux? Not in a million years. Most people would say they wouldn't trade Giroux at all. The price for him would be obscenely high. Right?

Now perhaps you are starting to see how these rival GMs feel about their top defenseman. He's not available. We're keeping him. The price to get him would be outrageous.

So let's try out some outrageous scenarios and see if you still want that guy when the price you pay becomes very painful.

The name most often used is Shea Webber. Let's use him. Nashville is loaded on defense. Somehow the defenseman everyone coveted in last year's draft, Seth Jones, fell into their lap at pick number 4. Nashville might be the only team who could lose their top guy and still be okay on the back end. Maybe.

A deal that Nashville might consider: Shea Webber for Jake Voracek, Matt Read, defenseman prospect Robert Hagg and a first round pick. OR Shea Webber for Jake Voracek, Sean Couturier, defenseman prospect Samuel Morin, and a first round pick.

Ooof. Now it is starting to get painful. We know and love those guys and we've heard that the Hagg kid or the Morin kid could be really good one day.

This may not even be enough from Nashville's point of view. And notice neither of the Schenns are included. Most fans seem willing to send the Scenns packing. That would make the deal a little easier. But getting a top d-man would not be easy. It would be very painful. The guys we seem most willing to let go are not guys that our opponents really want.

Making a deal for a top defenseman would seriously tax other areas of the Flyers like the forwards and the future prospects. It is most likely that getting that top guy on the back end is impossible in a trade. If it is possible, the price would be steep and could hurt the team more than help.

New Flyers' GM Ron Hextall has said he believes a team needs to draft well and develop those players. He didn't rule out a blockbuster trade but his comments didn't lead you to believe that he would make one anytime soon. Would you?

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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