Homework in the offseason....

Yes, the season is over. It's summer. Golf season....**Birds Chirp**..

SNAP OUT OF IT!! The battle for next season has already begun. Sometimes the key to being playoff bound is how you start the season (Despite what the 1-7 Flyers pulled off this year) which means how you improved as a player during the summer months is pivotal. Here's a list of what some Flyers players should be working on.

Claude Giroux - Even a Hart trophy finalist has things to work on. In Giroux's case it should be Speed and Explosiveness. He has the Skill and Hockey smarts, Imagine if he had elite level speed.

Jakub Voracek - Shooting off the rush. With all the speed that Voracek has, he'd be a much more dangerous player if he had a deadly shot while flying down the wing.

Scott Hartnell - Discipline/Balance. "Hartnell down" is a catchy and worthy charity cause but what good are you as a player if you're laying down on the ice? Oh...and the penalties...just be smarter Hartsy.

Wayne Simmonds - Speed / Shooting off the rush. The go to guy for Powerplay goals, The dude is a beast on the Powerplay. Problem is, it's almost as if he's a one trick pony (He's not). If he could start producing more at 5v5, he could quite possibly be the best power forward in the league.

Brayden Schenn - Speed / Defensive coverage. It's frustrating watching Baby Schenn sometimes. There are nights when he looks like he's finally cracking through....then he goes and has a rough 5 games. He never looks like the fastest player on the ice and his defensive game is a little sketchy. Time is beginning to run out on the whole "He's still developing" thing.

Matt Read - One timers and Shooting off the rush. I'm still convinced this is the LW that Giroux needs and the Flyers would be wise to pair them up. Vanek is too expensive and the Flyers have bigger concerns on Defense.

Sean Couturier - Speed / Strength. Coots regularly sees the toughest competition every game. Malkin, Crosby, Towes, Getzlaf, Coots has to shut them down..and he's good at it. Some extra Speed and Strength would only make him better.

Vincent Lecavalier - One Timer Accuracy. There's a lot of things I could've put here but let's face it, He's not getting any faster, his defensive awareness is what it is and you cant really do much for injuries. What we have is a Powerplay specialist. He can still wire the puck, but he misses the net quite a bit.

Michael Raffl - Finishing ability. Raffl is like a younger Matt Read. He's decent everywhere but what separates Read from Raffl is that Read can put the puck in the net more frequently.

Zac Rinaldo - Discipline. Do I need to explain?

The entire Defense Corps (Minus Braydon Coburn) - Speed. Unfortunately, The current corps really doesn't have a chance to increase their speed. There is hope though as Shayne Gostisbehere and Robert Hagg may crack the lineup next season. The one guy who still has a chance is Luke Schenn IF he was willing to drop 10lbs (He's 230lbs) and work extensively on speed all summer.

Thoughts? Idea's for players I missed? Post 'em below.

Thanks for reading.

Go Flyers.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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