My opening day forward lineups...

The Flyers have many decisions to make this Summer....and little cap space to make them with. The status of Key cogs such as Brayden Schenn, Kimmo Timonen and Vincent Lecavalier are up in the air. I believe that the Flyers will not be making any big moves this summer as Hextall will spend the next year or two trying to Draft and maybe get rid of a few Albatross contracts. So here is my opening day lineups with an explanation.

Line 1 - Read / Giroux / Voracek

This Line has so much potential. Giroux and Voracek are one of the best duos in the game. Better than Towes/Hossa...Better than Koivu/Parise...even better than Bergeron/Marchand. Keeping those two together is a no brainer.

Then there's Matt Read. Simply put, Matt Read is awesome. He can do it all and yes I understand that taking him of the Couturier line is a bit risky but the numbers don't lie. Seriously...they don't.

Basically Read is 3rd in even strength total goals since 2011 with 43 goals. Ahead of Simmonds (34), Ahead of Hartnell (34) and JUST behind Giroux (45) and Voracek (44). This is all while being given the most defensive zone starts out of all of them.

Berube has stated that he wants someone in front of the net to get the ugly goals but you look at This chart...Where does it look like Read scores most of his goals? From the Left side no less....

Line 2 - Hartnell / Schenn /Simmonds

The Power Forward line. On paper, this line looks slow and horrible defensively....But it worked last season. They outscored their opponents 12-5 and were given almost only Offensive zone starts. Simmonds and Hartnell can both win battles on both sides of the boards and It turns out Hartnell is a possession monster. Plus I think the lack of foot speed actually helps them since they don't have to try and keep up with Raffl.

Line 3 - Raffl / Couturier / Laughton (Or Akeson)

This is the line that will go under the biggest makeover, But I think it'll be OK because Michael Raffl really does look like the New Matt Read. He's extremely versatile and Helps Possession numbers on any line he's on. Couturier really just has to keep doing what he's already doing. The big question mark is Scott Laughton. He had a fantastic year in the Minors and is known as a solid 2 way player. If things don't pan out then I wouldn't hesitate to put Jason Akeson in his place and let Laughton season out more in the AHL.

Line 4 - Hall / Lecavalier / Rinaldo (Or Laughton)

This line has WTF written all over it but it did have some spark to it nonetheless. There's just no room for Vinny on the top three lines. With Hall on the wing, it ensures a strong Faceoff man if Vinny were to be kicked out of the draw and Rinaldo ...well...It's Rinaldo (Big Hits, Dumb Penalties but the ability to draw penalties as well)

Thoughts? Post' em below.

Go Flyers.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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