Samuel Morins: Advance Statistics: And Caused for Con-cern:

When I was younger I was a thin person. I played multiple sports (soccer, bowling), and I ate relative-ly healthy. Things were good, and more girls liked me. As the years pro-gress, your metabolism slows down. Metabolism is the scientific word of how much you can eat before you commence to get more fat. Through my 20's, my weight was steadily in the 150s and 160s. Entering my 30's however, I began to gain more weight. I moved near Philadelphia. I had more beer and ate more cheese steaks.

This one time I went to Geno's for a cheese steak. It was the first time I had been there, but I heard that the food was good and that they turned people down if they couldn't speak English, so it was worth going to. After that, I went to a local bar for a few beers. My favorite type of beer is Budwiser Heavys. Later on in the night when I was trying to con-verse with women, I noticed something strange. They did not want as much to talk to me as they did when I was more skinny and in my 20's. Right now I am 38 and I weight 280 pounds.

A lot of lessons that a person learns of hockey and life overlap, and I believe that this is one of those instances/occasions/moments. Gaining a lot of weight can pre-vent you from doing the things you want to do to achieve success and glory. What does this have to do with the Flyers? It has to do with Samuel Morins weight and his gain of weight as reported by Broad Street Hockey. Samuel Moran broke this news himself this week, and I have a source that can con-firm it:

"I put on muscle mass. I now weigh 220 pounds. It hurts more when I hit! I also improved my skating."

Now app-arently the worlds' foremost authority on Hockey, Sean C, AND nutrition, Here is what Broad Street Hockey's Travis Hugs had to say about this startleing waight gein:

"But on that issue of size, some good news . . . Morin was right around 200 pounds on draft day, and that's an encouraging jump in just a year."

Not only does Travis Hugs ig-nore that that is a startle-ing weight gain, but he also thinks it is good news. That's where advance statistic and analysis comes into the equation. Using advance statistics, we can project things and make predictions. Eric Tulsky, while often mis-guided on things like Sean C and Brayden Schenn, projects that interesting enough, the peak of a defense-man will be when he is about 24 and 25 years of age. We can project with advance statistics where that puts Moran.



The heaviest player in the NHL right now is John Scott, who ways 270 pounds and is taller than Moran. Some of the good defensemen who are heavy are Zshno Chara, who is 255 and Dustin Bfyugain, who is 257 pounds of weight. It should be noted that Dustin B was cut from the United States Olympic team because he was too fat. It should also be noted that Scott Hartnell was cut from the Flyers because he was too fat and not fast enough.

As the advance statistics project, that is where Morins seems to be heading. By the age of 24, he will easily be the heavyest player in the NHL, at 305 pounds. When he is 26, he will weight 339 pounds. When he is 39, the current age of Flyers star Kimmo TImonen, he will weigh 560 pounds. For reference, the popular rapper Big Punisher (or Big Pun for short as a nickname) was 698 pounds when he died of a massive heart-attack, and he wasn't doing anything as strenuous as playing hockey for the Flyers and carrying around older defensemen like Mark Straight, which is what Morin will be doing by then.

Why else do I think this is a cause for con-cern? Because Morins is joining the Phantons this year. I remember when I moved to Philadelphia, which has a higher much higher obesity rate than compared to Canada, where Morin is from. Most hockey players, including Claude Giroux, are from somewhere in Canada. Can you imagine if Morins weight increases even beyond at a faster rate than projected? It is a scary thought.

This trend should be cause for con-cern, and if you disagree and Morin is too fat and slow to be on the Flyers, I will come back again to collect apologies.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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