Samuel Morin has gained 20 pounds, wants to make Flyers roster in 2014

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Samuel Morin has put on weight and he hopes to be an NHL player this season.

Samuel Morin, the Flyers 2013 first round draft selection who looks like Chris Pronger and probably plays like him (or whatever), wants to be an NHL defenseman this coming year.

That's the takeaway from a French-language interview he gave to TVA Sports over the weekend.

"I want to make the team. I got a taste last year when I played three exhibition games. I'm not going to camp as a tourist. It is certain that I want a place on the team."

It's highly unlikely that Morin, who turns 19 on July 12 and is preparing for his fourth-and-final QMJHL season, makes the Flyers in camp. Remember that the big knock on him when he was drafted last year was that he's still very raw, and that his size doesn't translate well to the NHL just yet. While saying "there's no reason to rush him" might be a total lie, that doesn't mean the Flyers should rush him.

Another season in the Q, another go at the World Juniors, and maybe some time in the AHL before jumping to the Flyers is probably the right path for him.

But on that issue of size, some good news:

"I put on muscle mass. I now weigh 220 pounds. It hurts more when I hit! I also improved my skating."

Morin was right around 200 pounds on draft day, and that's an encouraging jump in just a year.

You might also remember this video from March, in which Morin beat up a tiny person. He was also suspended in January after he got mad after a loss and threw his stick into the crowd. He's definitely a volatile player and is prone to play physical, but he's already talking about reeling in his hot-headedness.

"They like my off-ice and on-ice attitude. This is a good fit. I use my stick a lot and I play physical. And I'm hard to deal with. My opponents do not like to play against me.

It is sure that I must be careful not to fight against players who do not play much and just want me out of the game. But the battles are part of my game."

Morin will be in the Delaware Valley this week for Flyers development camp. No word just yet on exactly what day camp will begin, but the annual Trial On The Isle in Stone Harbor is next Monday, July 14.

thanks to Laura for the translation help

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