Geoffrey Detweiler

Associate Editor

Geoff Detweiler joined Broad Street Hockey in June 2009. He is a graduate of Drexel University School of Law after graduating with a bachelor's degree in History and Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh in 2008. Currently, Geoff lives in Fairfax, Va after growing up in Quakertown, Pa, 15 minutes south of Allentown. Despite neither parent being interested in sports, Geoff became a passionate fan of both the Flyers and the Phillies. Outside of that, he roots for everything Philadelphia, but only the Flyers and Phillies are able to ruin his mood with a poor performance. As the degree suggests, Geoff is a huge political junkie. Eventually he wants to work on Capitol Hill assisting an honest man or woman serve their constituents. Plus, anything you want to know about our 44 Presidents, Geoff most likely knows it. If you're curious, his favorite is James Knox Polk.


Wednesday Fly By: The NHL is less popular than BP


Updates from Phantoms practice, bad polling data on the NHL's popularity, and more depressing lockout articles.

Tuesday Morning Fly By: Analyzing the NHL lawsuit


Chatting with Mike Testwuide and Jason Akeson for those who like hockey and analyzing the NHL's complaint against the NHLPA for those who like wild scenarios of ending the lockout.

Monday Fly By: Recapping minor league action


The Phantoms went 0-2, Trenton went 2-0-1 and Penn State dropped their only game of the weekend.

Friday Fly By: A little crazy is good for you


Robert Esche, Jeremy Roenick, Mark Cuban and the Oilers are enough crazy for everyone.

Thursday Morning Fly By: Missing Santa Sacks


Rather than laughing at Santa Sacks commercials, we're lamenting Matt Ford's lack of production in the AHL and looking forward to the World Juniors.

Wednesday Fly By: Mediators return to CBA talks


Ben Holmstrom is back in Philly to see the doctor, Mike Eruzione's 'Miracle' jersey is for sale, a lawyer is thinking about suing the NHL and more European football deas for the NHL to adopt.

Tuesday Fly By: Too soon to think about the Draft


Catching up on college hockey to avoid more lockout anger.

Monday Fly By: Remembering Ron Hextall's goal


Recapping the Phantoms' 1-1-1 weekend, awaiting details on Ben Holmstrom's injury and celebrating the 25th anniversary of Ron Hextall's goal.

Friday Fly By: Another false cry of wolf by NHL


Perhaps you can look at the most recent proposals and explain what was so offensive that required one side to get up and leave instead of continuing to negotiate.

Thursday Fly By: All podium, all the time


Optimism in negotiations, Baby Schenn wears a mic, defense in the A and Ellen Etchingham loves awful goalies.

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