Roman Cechmanek owns a brewery now


What the hell ever happened to Roman Cechmanek? One day he was making saves with his brain with the Flyers and the next he was traded to Los Angeles, where he played for half a second before disappearing to Europe and retiring from hockey in 2009.

Well, he's still in Europe. He now owns a brewery in his native Czech Republic, which you can read about here.

The greatest Flyers team candid


The Flyers took their annual team picture this afternoon, and, welp, it looks like some candids have surfaced. (via Linda Staley)

'The check heard 'round the world'

Stumbled upon this awesome graphic novel, partly animated, about the 1976 Flyers vs. Red Army game, and namely Ed Van Impe's infamous check. It is awesome. Go look at it.

The moment of impact


Here's the exact moment when Steve Downie suffered a concussion in a fight on Friday night. Ouch.

Rinaldo hair pull dot GIF


Zac Rinaldo was on the bench during the line brawl vs. the Capitals. It stressed him out.

Who are the Flyers dressed as bunnies for Halloween?


The above picture via Steve Mason's Instagram. Hal Gill also tweeted this picture of what appears to be them dancing around in someone's living room, and Scott Hartnell also tweeted a picture of them. Any guesses on who the rest of them are?

Briere gets his locker in Montreal


Complete with accent mark and evetything. via @CanadiensMTL

Matt Carle v. Ryan Suter through 47 games


Do you see anything here to change the original thesis* of: "The two are not the same player, despite achieving similar results. Both men help their team spend more time in the offensive zone. Both men help their team outscore the opposition. Both men look fantastic when playing next to Pronger/Weber. Both men are looking at a very large payday this summer. Both men are less than physical defensemen. Both men have a fair amount of turnovers. But Suter is better at suppressing shots while Carle is better at generating offense." Me neither. * found here:

Flyers Flin Flon Rock Mural


Hey guys, I am a geologist up in Canada and was in Flin Flon, Manitoba recently for some field work. The entire city is built directly on top of volcanic rocks that are nearly two billion years old, the same rocks that host the prolific Copper-Zinc mine that has been the centrepiece of the local economy. Most of the exposed rock outcrop has been painted up/vandalized by teenagers ("Tommy & Laura 1979!!!" sort of thing) but near a small Rotary Club park in the middle of the town, I ran into this cool mural that someone painted commemorating two of the greatest Flyers to ever play for the local Flin Flon Bombers junior club. Enjoy!


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