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So, who bought a third jersey already?

Sadly I cannot afford a third jersey at the moment, but that's okay... they've only been unveiled for 90 minutes now. But aren't they the greatest things... ever? We've known for months now that they were going to be returning to the retro style, but now it's confirmed and they're for sale on the Flyers' official website.

This was a simple decision for the Flyers. These jerseys have always been popular, and Flyers fans love the orange. Last time they used the color, they over did it with the 3D logo and everything. So they took it back to the roots, and the new oranges are exactly identical to the old oranges. Perfection, in jersey form.

I think I'm leaning towards buying a Carter jersey, since I don't want to be one of the thousands with a brand-new, orange Richards jersey. But regardless of which one you buy, it's just good to have the Orange back.