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Flyers Website: Briere, Vaananen out for the weekend

Flyers forward Danny Briere, who earlier in the week thought he might be able to play against Buffalo tomorrow, will not take the ice until Monday against Dallas, at the earliest.

"I'll be skating by myself without playing for the next couple of days, it looks like. It's improving every day, but it's just at a very slow pace," said Briere.

"It's an injury that if you try to come back too quick it's not healing, it just keeps getting worse. I'm skating, but I know my limits and I know how far I can push it without the pain creeping in. I'm certainly not ready to play yet.

"Now, I'm looking at Monday. It depends how it's going to go over the weekend."
Defenseman Ossi Vaananen, who was totally badass when he tried to play through his injury against Pittsburgh, also wont play against the Sabres on Friday. He is day-to-day, however, and could see action against Phoenix at home on Saturday.

"My situation is a day-to-day kind of thing. When it comes to Friday, it's kind of doubtful," he said. "But hopefully soon, anyway. It's feeling pretty good and looking good, so it's getting stronger."

Jonathan Kalinski was also recalled from the Phantoms. He'll wear number 46 for live five minutes and then be back with the Phantoms.

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