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The Paper Is Talking Sundin...

...and I'm still confused about it. Ed Moran wrote an article in the Daily News today and he quoted Paul Holmgren as saying he's interested in it. Well, of course he is... EVERYBODY is "interested" in Sundin. If Sundin wanted to come to Philly, of course Homer would contemplate the possibility.

But that doesn't mean it's going to happen. Or that it's even possible.

Just two days ago, Moran wrote an article that essentially debunked this Sundin to Philly rumor, and for good reason. The Flyers can't afford it. If someone can figure out how, barring major trades, that they could possibly make this work, let me know. Please. I posted about the rumor on Friday, and then I posted about how happy I was Monday when Moran published how ridiculous it was. Quoting Moran on Monday:

Just yesterday I got a call from a reporter in Vancouver who asked if it were true that the Flyers were interested in Mats Sundin, to which I had to answer that I find it impossible to think that Holmgren hasn’t at least looked into it, and I find it equally impossible to think that he would follow through on it.

So if it's "impossible" than why are you bringing it up in the paper again two days later Ed?! Nothing new happened! Getting a quote from the GM that doesn't tell you anything new isn't newsworthy. Sorry, Ed.

Mats Sundin isn't coming to Philly. Don't tease us with crap in the paper anymore, okay? Thanks.

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