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Dancing Guy says Pens fan was out of line

We all know about the Shawn Hill, the dancing guy who stands up in the top row of section 219. When it came time for him to do his routine during the third period on Saturday, a Penguins fan decided to get himself some face time.

Trying to get in front of the camera focused on Dancin' Shawn, the guy wound pushing and shoving the cameraman. The camera shook and people at the Wachovia Center who couldn't see what was happening wondered exactly what was going down, and they didn't have any answers when the camera went black and the control room faded to a graphic.

Thankfully, Dancin' Shawn himself comes up with the explanation on the Flyers official message boards. BTW, those message boards are a joke and I do not endorse them.

Here's the story as I saw it:

Let me just say this first and foremost. I felt that despite this little incident that security was handling things well. There was a lot of yelling, taunts, and booing, BUT they kept it from escalating.

Right before I was about to go live there was a fan in a Early 90s Lemieux Pens jersey who was walking over from Sec 219A. A Flyers fan was holding him back by his jersey. The Pens fan wasn't "angry" in fact he was laughing, at this point. So as it goes live I start dancing and I see out of the corner of my eye the guy running back over. He tried to get around the camera guy and in front of the camera.

If people stand up and block the shot, whatever, other fans will boo or pull them down and if you've seen the one youtube video I'll mock them a bit. So I personally didn't have too much of a problem with this guy, until...

The camera guy simply put the his arm out blocking him from getting in the way. Well then the Pens fan sort of chopped down on the camera guy's arm (like how you might break a hold if someone was grabbing you). The camera man took a step back and this is when the camera started shaking and such as the guy was now trying to push the camera guy out of the way so he could get in the shot. The camera guy pushed the pens fan down into a seat, a Flyers fan also helped by tugging the back of his jersey.
This was right before the camera started shaking wildly and eventually they cut to a graphic.

I started to look over because I knew that something was going to go down if someone didn't step in. (Note the inquisitive look, ignore the oversized gut)
The Pens fan got back up and was now just trying to rough up the camera guy. Camera guy takes camera off his eye, and he and the Pens fan go almost nose to nose. Well then the Pens fan grabs his shirt and swings at him, the camera guy finally reacted by pretty much pushing the guy by the face backwards as the camera man was shoved backwards. The camera man fell back into a woman who got hit by the camera. The Pens fan then tried to go back after the cameraman and a Flyers fan knocked him over. At this point it was pretty much a pile on with security some Pens fans and a couple Flyers fans. It sorta liked a line brawl where people kinda canceled each other out into one pile.

Well the Pens fan was trying to get back at the camera guy including taking several swings at security. The camera guy was really trying to just regain himself as he was awkwardly on the ground. Meanwhile, I had no idea what to do, so I just stood on the armrests and kept dancing.

The Pens fan was out of line. Not for trying to get into the camera shot but for physically pushing the camera guy. I mean it's that guy's job to get a good shot. In this case it was to get a shot of me and not let people get in the way. I don't think he had to push back at the fan once he started pushing, but it looked like, and I feel he felt like, that he was about to get punched.

The reason I wanted to share the story (besides being asked a bunch of times, lol), is that I don't want this to be an incident that gets skewed into something that's far from the truth (from both sides, the Flyers fans actions, the Pens fans acctions, camera guy, Pens fighter etc.)
Props to The 700 Level for posting this first. Here's a link to the discussion at the Flyers message boards.