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Flyers crash Temple frat party

I read a story yesterday at SPORTSbyBROOKS, the sporting answer to, about a few of the Flyers crashing a frat party. I scanned over the article, linked here, and became a little wary of its journalistic intergrity. It seemed very National Inquirer to me, and I had suspucions that some of the pictures posted could've been taken from anywhere, such as Mike Richards' Facebook page.

So I did some sluthing on the internets and found out that it was allegedly a frat party hosted by Temple's chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi. I went to their website and contacted their Master (I'm not too familiar with fraternities and the way they rank their brothers, but "Master" seems very 15th century to me) with a few questions. The response I got, directly from the man himself, Mr. Jon DeSantis:

I can confirm that there were Flyers present at the event. Apparently some people who posted pictures believed that non-Flyers at the event were actually Flyers. I am not familiar enough with the team to know specifics.

Essentially, we were having a private function upstairs and the manager of the establishment asked if we would mind if some Flyers came upstairs with their friends. Of course, we said no, and the Flyers were extremely courteous and kind in taking dozens of pictures.

So there you have it. From the pictures we have, it looks as if Jeff Carter, Mike Richards, and perhaps Matt Carle are the only three guys who got in on the fun. Some people might be surprised that these guys, being public figures and all, would go out and do this so... openly.

Well think about it. These guys never got to experience college life. They were in juniors, drafted when they were 18, and playing hockey professionally soon there after. If you were a 20-something millionaire, how would you spend your evenings? No problems, here.

As long as nobody shoots themselves in the leg.

Check that SPORTSbyBROOKS link for all the pictures.