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Why I Love Evgeni Malkin

The man gets it.

Russian journalist: Sidney Crosby is following right behind you. Why is this player hated by a lot of fans?

Malkin: Maybe because of his behavior?

But I think that Crosby is the best player. And those who are in the spotlight are always not liked.

Of course the journalist asks a hard hitting follow-up question, getting to the core of the Everybody Hates Sid drama.
Russian journalist: People say that you're moving into your own house?

That sound you hear is my palm slapping my forehead. Doh.

The interview comes to us from SovSport, a Russian paper. Another tip of the hat goes to Puck Daddy.

More of the interview, below.

Q: People say that you're moving into your own house?

Malkin: I am still in the process [of moving]. I will hold the housewarming party on December 19. All documents are almost ready.

Q: What made you take this step?

Malkin: I am getting more mature. It is time to live away from Sergei Gonchar. To start a family.

Q: Is this going to be a good house? (what the fuck kind of question is that?)

Malkin: I like it. It's a new three story [house] with five bedrooms. It is within a five minute drive from the hockey arena.

Q: The media calls you and Crosby a two-headed monster. Who adjusts to whom when you're on the same line?

Malkin: I think I don't change my style [of play]. But it is easier to pass with Sid. Opponents cannot cover both of us. That's why we create a lot more scoring chances.

Q: It is your third year in the NHL. What teams are the most difficult to play against?

Malkin: You won't believe it, but Islanders are the most difficult. Although not long ago we routed that team 9-2. But this was an exception from the rules. Usually we play such a difficult and stretchy game with them. And I like Boston, who play an open game.

Q: And Philadelphia?

Malkin: It's a strong and an unpredictable team. Life is never easy with the Flyers.