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Roenick makes comments about refs

Jeremy Roenick has a relatively new website,, and I'm listening to NHL Live on XM Radio right now and JR just called in to discuss, among other things, his shoulder injury. He mentioned the hit from behind he took from an Anaheim player that caused the injury, and then went on a rant about the officiating in the game and that it has to be better.

JR is one of those guys in the league that when he talks, you have to listen. And not just because he's a giant clown on the ice, but because behind all of his antics, there's a real message. He's the anti-Avery. Here are his comments in print, from his website.

Is it just me or are the Ref's against San Jose this year? It seems they are trying to bring us down so that the standings will be more competitive. I know they have a hard job, and they do the best they can, but I am just amazed at the calls and lack of calls that have happened in some of the recent shark games. For example, Kings six power plays, Sharks one! Give me a break! When it comes to Joe Thornton, he is mugged constantly game in and game out, with no penalties being called. There could be ten penalties per game on infractions against Joe Thornton, but he never complains so I am doing it for him! Players have to be better also, and show a little bit more respect for each other out there.

It's nice to hear a more public voice, especially one that plays the game today, speak out about the officiating. Check out the website. It's typical JR... always good for a laugh.