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Top Five Bonehead Moments in Flyers History

After Scott Hartnell's glove-toss last night, I decided to take the time to think of some other classic bonehead moves surrounding the Flyers organization over the past few years.. you'll notice these don't date back too far, partly because of my memory, but mostly because the YouTubes don't have most old videos.

#5: Fan throws stink bomb on ice during overtime, 10/25/2008

#4: Jesse Boulerice hits Ryan Kesler in the face, 10/10/2007

#3: Hartnell throws glove to stop breakaway, 12/02/2008

#2: Fan jumps Tie Domi in penalty box, 03/25/2002

#1: Niittymaki distracted by the jumbotron, 10/14/2005

The play, and the Coach Hitchcock presser: