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Scottie gets a call to the principals' office

From the Delaware County Times today:

Scottie Upshall didn’t think he was going to be penalized for his check on Tampa Bay’s Evgeni Artyukhin, but the morning after being slapped with a major penalty and a game misconduct, Upshall found himself talking to NHL discipline boss Colin Campbell.

Upshall wasn’t suspended, or even fined, but he was given a stern talking to by Campbell who is on a mission to take dangerous hits and eradicate them from the league entirely.

"I’m glad I’m not suspended, but I definitely don’t think I should have been kicked out of the game," Upshall said. "(Campbell) wanted me to try my best to let up on guys who are in a vulnerable position and that’s what I try to do. He said we’re not going to suspend you, but we’re trying to crack down on these hits.

"I was definitely disappointed (with the misconduct), but I’m not a guy who is going to shy away from finishing his checks. Obviously a line has to be drawn in the sand when it comes to hitting from behind, but I tried to hit him as legally as possible. I didn’t think that he was going to take a beating because of his size, but I guess he was pretty sore afterward."
Are you kidding me? Okay, just about every sane person I've talked to about this one has said that it didn't even deserve a penalty, let alone a game suspension. But here's my beef with Campbell calling Upshall. If he believed it was a dirty hit, which obviously he did because he took the time to call Scottie, than he should be suspended. I'm not saying that Upshall deserved suspension.. I thought it deserved a 2 minute charging or boarding call, and that's it. But if the league believes it was dirty, and they're sincere about getting these hits out of the game, then under that logic he should've been suspended. Anything else is Colin Campbell contradicting himself.

These hits are not going to go away unless there is consistency in the rules and there is consistency in the thinking of the people who make/enforce the rules.