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Irresponsible rumor: Sundin to the Flyers?

Adrian Dater from the Denver Post thinks so. Via Puck Daddy:

I think Philadelphia and Chicago are the clubhouse leaders to land Sundin, according to my sources from the end of the bar. Vancouver has an existing offer on the table, at an astounding two years and $20 million (which would obviously be pro-rated now). But I’d place the Canucks third in the hunt at the moment.


Philly doesn’t have a lot of cap room either (about $4.5 million), but the Flyers have become one of the more attractive teams to NHL players now. GM Paul Holmgren is well respected around the league, and the Flyers have a good reputation with regard to taking care of players and treating them well. And their fan base is great (and that hurts to say, as a Boston fan growing up. I hated Philly. But, let’s face it, their fans are entertaining and passionate about things).
I can't figure out how this would even work. According to, the Flyers have $272,500 under the cap. That number doesn't count Danny Briere going on LTIR, so with that it might be around $4.5 million, but he's only going to be there for another month. Randy Jones and his cap hit are coming back soon as well. There is simply just no room on this team for Mats Sundin.