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The NHL has some cool commercials

I've seen some really funny commercials from around the league lately, and I decided to put them all in one place. I'm not doing this to share them with you, but basically so I have a place to easily watch them all when I want a good laugh or a nice chill up the spine. But I guess you all can enjoy them too.

The first is a Winter Classic commercial, first seen 9 days ago during NBC's Sunday Night Football. As a baseball fan, I think it's an absolutely brilliant commercial that brings together the nostalgia of Wrigley Field and the awesomeness of the fact that a hockey game will be played there January 1.

Beats the hell out of last year's ad spot.

Staying in Chicago, the Blackhawks have done some really funny things for their ads, using a bit of propaganda and the All-Star voting process to get the word out that they're a pretty good hockey team this year.

They're both funny but if I were voting based on the commercials, Patrick Kane would be on the all-star team. There's one more about Brian Campbell, but I'm not embedding that one because of his hit on R.J. Umberger in the playoffs a few years back. Clean hit, sure, but R.J.'s my boy. A Philly fan never forgets. Here's the link, though. P.S. "Soupy" is a terrible nickname.

Now this one's hilarious, but it knocks the Flyers a little bit. We all know who the star of the commercial is. though...

But the best of the recent commercials has got to go to this one. It's so good I'm not even going to comment. Just enjoy.