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Atlantic Division Notes & A Look at the Man Behind the Greatest Promo in History

Yahoo! Sports hockey blog, Puck Daddy, has an interview with Adam Goldberg, the marketing manager for the Phantoms, about the Scott Hartnell Glove and Mitten Toss. An excerpt:

PD: Is this simply an overreaction to the lack of dropping gloves on the Phantoms since Steve Downie was traded?

GOLDBERG: It is funny that you mention the glove dropping actually. We just had our "Tribute to Tough Guys Night" here and we had Dave Brown, Dave "Hammer" Schultz, Bob "Hound" Kelly and Frank "Animal" Bialowas at center ice for a ceremonial glove drop.

How soon after Scott Hartnell's glove toss last Tuesday night against Tampa Bay was this idea formed? Did you run into the office on Wednesday to start working on the promotion?

The idea was sent to me by our Director of Public Relations, Brian Smith literally 15 minutes after it happened. I was watching the game and after Richards scored the game winner I got an e-mail from Brian saying we should have a Scott Hartnell Glove Toss.

Around the Atlantic:

  • PensBurgh reports that the Hal Gill will miss two to four weeks with a shoulder injury. Their defense is already really, really thin, and this hurts them even more. And apparently Hal Gill has been playing well lately... who woulda thought? The Pens also lost on Monday to the Sabres, who came back from a 3-1 deficit to win 4-3 at Mellon Arena. [PensBurgh]

  • Dion Phaneuf was announced for an assist in the Flames 3-0 win over the Rangers on Sunday night at the Garden. Ranger fans chanted "sloppy seconds" upon hearing Phaneuf's name.

  • Devils' blog In Lou We Trust talks about a resurgent Brian Gionta. [In Lou We Trust]

  • We play the Islanders tonight. They don't get any more of our time.