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Don't say it, don't you dare... *Forsberg* ... Damnit, you said it!

forsbergWith Danny Briere falling to injury again, again, again, and most recently again, this season, the situation has been most reminiscent of the Peter Forsberg saga from last year. We were dragged along all season, wondering if he'd sign with the Flyers, as he hurdled ankle setback after ankle setback before feeling better -- kinda -- and signing with Colorado.

So it would be weird, crazy even, for the Flyers, currently reliving a similar situation with their highest paid player, Briere, to go after the still-injury-riddled Forsberg, right?

Paul Holmgren doesn't ascribe to that logic, apparently.

Ed Moran of the Daily News reports this evening that Holmgren has in fact inquired about Forsberg's status.

"Ah, we've inquired about Peter's health," Holmgren said. "I talked to his agent last week so I kind of know where they're at, but I don't know that he is certain that he can come back.

"As of last week or 10 days ago when I talked to [Forsberg's agent] the jury was still out if he could come back."

"I know where we're at in the conference [sixth place]," Holmgren said. "I know that the road is going to become more and more difficult as we get closer toward the finish line. That doesn't mean we're not going to look around to try and improve ourselves.

The GM clearly feels that Forsberg would make the team better, and if he's healthy, I don't think anybody in their right mind would or could disagree. But, if his potential comeback this season is anything like last seasons, he'll be out of the lineup just as often as he's in, and that kind of shuffling in and out can be derailing for a hockey club. Perhaps it was for Colorado, who exited the playoffs in the second round last season.

And we cannot be sure that Foppa will be 100%.

"If it doesn't work now I'm forced to give it up for good," Forsberg said.

If he's not sure of his condition anymore, who is? This has bad news written all over it.

If Danny is going to be out all season as it has been speculated, and the Flyers are to invest in a replacement, it should be someone who is more of a certainty than Forsberg.

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