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Saturday Morning Notes: Forsberg talk continues, Klotz video

forsberg1I've decided I'm not going to post the original Klotz video. It's really just too horrific to watch and if you didn't see it, good for you. If you're sadistic and really want to see it I'm sure you can find it, but honestly, I woke up last night thinking about it. Don't watch it.

There is a cleaned up version that aired on TSN last night, so I will post that. It shows the fight without the gruesome aftermath. Here is the link to the article -- the video is on the right hand side.

More on Peter Forsberg in a column from Chuck Gormley of the Courier Post. He basically supports the same opinion I talked about the other day.. just say no to the man. An excerpt from his column, which ran this morning.

Holmgren revealed in a conference call Thursday that he has spoken with Forsberg about his latest comeback attempt and has kept in touch with his agent, Don Baizley.

It is difficult to gauge how much a healthy Forsberg would command on the open market, but since the Colorado Avalanche paid him $1.1 million last season for 42 days, it's a safe bet the Flyers could get him for about the same price.

Which begs these three questions: Why? Why? Why?

In his prime, Forsberg was an absolute force capable of winning playoff series by himself. But that was 10 years ago, before he signed with the Flyers in 2005 and began a three-year injury odyssey that included abbreviated stops in Nashville and Colorado, along with countless trips to foot surgeons and skate manufacturers.

Since having his foot surgically reconstructed in the summer of 2006, Forsberg has played in 66 NHL games in 2 1/2 seasons. After signing with the Avalanche late last season, he played in only nine of their 18 games and missed three more playoff games.

Granted, a Flyers lineup with Mike Richards, Jeff Carter, Danny Briere and Forsberg down the middle would be pretty formidable in the playoffs.

But does anyone really believe Forsberg will be anything more than a distraction on a team that has its best chemistry in years?
Glad to see I'm not the only one who feels that way.

Holmgren must forget Forsberg (Courier Post)
Phantoms forward Klotz suffers seizure after fight (