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Broad and Pattison is now Broad Street Hockey

Welcome to Broad Street Hockey. My name is Travis Hughes and after a few short months blogging at my old home, Broad and Pattison, I've made the jump here to SB Nation. I couldn't be more excited about it.

First off, let's get the getting to know you business out of the way. I was born in Philly, but I've lived my entire life in South Jersey. The Philadelphia Flyers have been one of the most important and most constant things in my life for as long as I can remember. This team and this sport are my absolute passions in life, and I someday hope to make a career out of it. Broad Street Hockey is hopefully another step in that direction.

In addition to blogging the Flyers, I co-host a weekly sports talk radio show called The Field of Play and I've done play-by-play and color commentary on NCAA Division 1 ice hockey, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, and basketball. If you want to find out more about me (why would you, really?) you can check out my bio.

The Flyers blogosphere is pretty non existent, and that's why I started B&P back in November. I got sick of reading message boards that are for the most part filled with made up rumors, immature bickering, and unintelligent discussion. Because of all that BS, I wasn't able to learn anything from reading various message boards. But besides the mainstream media, there were no other sources when it came to Flyers hockey.

That's why I started B&P, and those same reasons are the ones why I'm ecstatic about the move to SBN. Blogging on an independent site can be great, but the thing about this network is the opportunity to build a community. The tools are there for the reader to be just as involved as the writer, and that kind of interaction is how you learn. That kind of interaction is what makes this all fun.

There are FanPosts and FanShots which essentially make the reader a quasi-blogger, and if a member posts something worthy of the spotlight, I can promote it to the front page for everybody to see. Check out the welcome guide SBN has set up -- it explains everything from how to use the tools to why you should sign up.

At Broad and Pattison, I know there were a ton of you that would read the site but never comment. You're the people this move is for. Sign up and take part in the conversation! This place is now yours as much as it is mine! The same goes for those of you that have never read me before. Join up (it takes like 30 seconds... SBN does a great job of not asking for all kinds of things like your mothers middle name and all that) and let's get this place rolling.

Go Flyers.